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GitScrum provides functionalities and quality data to assist non-technical managers without neglecting the requirements and needs of technical managers and teams.

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Easy for non-technical managers

Improve performance through Meritocracy and Gamification

Better adaptation to changes in scope

Building Performance

GitScrum can be used in all sort of projects. However, we believe that is in managing complex software projects and product development that IT achieves its full potential.

We stand for individual values and interactions over processes and tools.

In other words, we believe the focus should always be on people and their expertise.

Agile is mindset. Not tools.

If you believe in short work cycles and permanent iterations, in testing as a permanent part of the journey and that teams should be encouraged to ‘self-organise’, develop their skills and find their own solutions to problems, GitScrum is your “go-to guy”.

At GitScrum we combine the power of Git (the most commonly used version control system today) with Scrumban (= Scrum + Kanban) allowing your team to manage all their daily tasks more efficiently.

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