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Revolutionize Your Workflow with GitScrum

Streamline Your Work and Boost Your Business with GitScrum: The All-in-One Solution for Digital Agencies, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Agile Teams, and SMBs

GitScrum is the ultimate tool for you to create amazing projects, manage your tasks intelligently, motivate your team and achieve unprecedented results.

GitScrum brings all important features for you to establish high standard objectives and lead your team to reach them, working in an interactive and collaborative way. It facilitates tasks delegation and monitoring, with visual resources that help you guide your team throughout all projects execution, from start to finish.

Get rid of the outdated confusing methods that mixed dozens of isolated apps, files, emails and physical sticky notes and switch communication madness by an effective working project management tool that’s “all in one” with everything you need - GitScrum Board with dynamic Kanban boards, GitScrum Sprints to associate your tasks to milestones, GitScrum Gantt Charts, slick integrations and many more interactive features.

Promote collaboration among team members, partners, clients and stakeholders working together in all project stages to develop innovative solutions. Create discussions, comment on each other's actions, recall attention by mentioning each other’s names.

Improve your products and services with GitScrum User Stories - small reports on end-users’ needs and wishes, applying the agile principles of welcoming changes and delivering value constantly.

Is that all? No! GitScrum helps you turn your team members into Superstars, with the power of gamification. Meet the GitScrum Rock Star Team feature to add joy and healthy competitiveness to your work environment.

Skyrocket your productivity with GitScrum!

GitScrum Evolution

Why we built GitScrum

“I was going crazy…

As an IT manager, I saw how easily communication breakdowns and time-management issues killed productivity.

It was so frustrating to see good ideas fall apart and deadlines get missed — all because the right systems weren’t in place.

I tried lots of Project Management tools, but none of them just worked.

I started to build a tool that had the right blend of simplicity and functionality.

It wasn’t an easy start. But once I opened up the project to the GitHub community, people came from around the world to help. This was the game changer. My ‘Eureka!’ moment…

By marrying the Scrum Project Management methodology with Git, I’d not only help myself… but all Project Managers, Developers, Marketers and Freelancers get work done faster, better and without stress.

We all face the same hurdles. Wanting to wow our clients but finding PM tools are too complicated, too basic or too expensive.

GitScrum’s focus is simplicity. But it doesn’t ignore a project’s complexity. The aim is to help you master Project Management without a big learning curve or hole in your budget.

With GitScrum, you’ll reduce time spent managing projects and increase task execution. We know for two reasons. Because our customers tell us and we use it ourselves. By using GitScrum, we’ve been releasing updates at hyperspeed ever since.”

We are looking for candidates who share our passion for tackling complexity head-on, in addition to helping the team deliver predictable, consistent program execution. This leader should have a strong sense of ownership and ability to think and work strategically with product and engineering stakeholders.

We’re currently looking for people with expertise in building large scale systems and experience with Infrastructure initiatives.

Renato Marinho, CEO & Founder at GitScrum

We’re here to help you

We are customer-centric. We believe in steady improvements in our software so that you become more competitive in this modern world.

We listening to you

We treat our customers how we like to be treated. We’re always happy to receive candid feedback so that we can improve your workflow.

We believe in teamwork

Faith, trust and teamwork! They say if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We believe in going fast and together.