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Scrum is an agile framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products, with an initial emphasis on software development, although it has been used in other fields including research, sales, marketing and advanced technologies.

Why is the Daily Scrum held at the same time and same place?

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The Daily Scrum is held at the same time and place each day to reduce complexity.

Which two (2) things does the Development Team do during the first Sprint?

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The heart of Scrum is a Sprint, a time-box of one month or less during which a “Done”, useable, and potentially releasable product Increment is created. This applies to every Sprint

The time-box for a Daily Scrum is?

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The length of a daily Scrum is time-boxed at 15 minutes, it does not change with the length of a Sprint.

A Scrum Team uses 2 weeks Sprints and time box their Sprint Planning to 6 hours. Does this break the rules of Scrum?

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Sprint Planning is time-boxed to a maximum of eight hours for a one-month Sprint. For shorter Sprints, the event is usually shorter.

Development Team membership should change:

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Teams typically go through some steps before achieving a state of increased performance. Changing membership typically reduces cohesion, affecting performance and productivity in the short term.

What is not a step in the Scrum task workflow?

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The Scrum Master must facilitate The Daily Scrum

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The Scrum Master ensures that the Development Team has the meeting, but the Development Team is responsible for conducting the Daily Scrum.

What is the role of Management in Scrum?

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Management has no active role in the actual product development through Scrum. However, management external to the Scrum team is incredibly important in setting the vision and strategy to guide the overall direction of the organization.

During the Daily Scrum, the Scrum Master’s role is to:

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The Scrum Master ensures that the Development Team has the meeting, but the Development Team is responsible for conducting the Daily Scrum. The Scrum Master teaches the Development Team to keep the Daily Scrum within the 15-minute time-box. The Scrum Master enforces the rule that only Development Team members participate in the Daily Scrum.

What is the main difference between Waterfall and Agile?

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