Are you a coach interested in connecting to other trainers, improving your skills, attracting others to create ideas and help other coaches to do the same?

If you answered yes to all the questions, perhaps you would like to start Agile Coach Camp in your field!

Agile Coach Camps are held in many countries around the world.

The general principle is openness, participation, as well as appearance in nature. Most bus trucks still use Open Space technology to meet these principles.

This allows participants to focus on their interests.

They jointly develop the agenda, and then discuss it. This helps trainers to improve their craft in unique ways that resonate with their needs, rather than what others think they might need.

Camps also provide connection to other communities that are well trusted.

Many camps are trying to attract other people outside the Agile Coaching community.

The Agile Coach Camp Agile Alliance initiative is to help the organizers of the camp in various ways. This can be a marketing event to help people identify an intermediary or, perhaps, financial assistance of some kind.

You can just send an offer and ask for the help you need. Even without submitting an offer, the organizers can join the Slack group and talk with other organizers around the world! Find out what the camp is doing and what you want to do to get up and leave.

We want to understand who you want to visit, and how you plan to attract them. This will allow us to understand what you think. Discuss this in the slack group. All reviewers are members of the group too, along with other organizers.

The purpose of our initiative is to simplify work for you as an organizer in the camp.

Don’t be shy!