Agile Project Management Enhances Freelancers Productivity

When you are working from home or in a coworking, it is very easy to lose focus or concentration. The crucial point is that, as a freelancer, you get paid according to your productivity, that is, jobs delivered.

A freelancer who is not productive can’t find new clients, accept new jobs or even to have more time for leisure.

Working with agile project management in a software that has agile methodology as standard is key to increasing organization and productivity.

Scrum is an agile methodology used by leading technology companies that ensures performance, but freelancers can also benefit from this methodology for agile project management.

In order to optimize the time spent with the tasks, this methodology is efficient and helps those professionals who do a bit of everything to keep the organization and focus on the work.

To achieve all the promised benefits, the use of a project management software is essential and GitScrum is the ideal tool for freelancers and professionals from the most diverse areas.

One of the most used technologies for agile project management is also known as Scrum, and it is used to achieve greater productivity and optimize the time of professionals.

Even though it was originally designed to be used by software development teams, today agile project management is used in many areas and freelancers can (and should) use it to achieve better results.

Agile Project Management with Scrum

Scrum is a method to perform agile project management and is ideal for freelancers who work on different tasks during the same day.

It is also perfect for those who work with larger projects, as Scrum allows large projects to be split into smaller pieces that need to be completed in a short time.

Thus, using Scrum and a software based on this methodology such as GitScrum makes productivity grow, delivery of better results and there is a greater satisfaction from the client and the professional who is able to manage time successfully.

Agile project management also determines that an evaluation of results at the end of each step is performed, so that errors are detected in advance. With this feature it is possible to correct them and start over again.

GitScrum has features that make it easy to perform project management in progress, as well as performing evaluations between task completion, and at the end of the project.

Agile Tool Increases Productivity of Remote-Working Freelancers

If you are a freelancer or work with freelancers, you already know how it works. It takes a lot of organization to be able to meet all the deadlines and deliver the tasks with the quality expected by the client.

Therefore, using an agile project management tool is a great opportunity to improve results.

GitScrum is an agile project management platform focused on improving the entire process behind a project, thus making it easier for people involved to develop their work. By using it, there is no waste of time and talent.

How to Use Agile Project Management as a Freelancer?

To see the benefits of using a tool like GitScrum for agile project management, you need to use it daily, and keep all steps related to your jobs up to date.

As a freelancer, it is often hard to keep all of this information updated, after all there is no boss asking for this type of organization and the daily report of the activities performed.

However, it is important that the tool is used at all times, so that the best results can be visualized at the end of each day, week and month of work.

One of the very useful features of GitScrum is the organization of tasks in checklists and also the assignment of delivery dates for each small task.

In this way, freelancers are able to simply and clearly keep their projects agile and managed in the best possible way.

6 Benefits of Using Agile Tools to Increase Freelancers Productivity

Renato Marinho, CEO at GitScrum - Agile Project Management Software, highlights the 6 greatest benefits a freelancer should achieve when using an agile project management tool:

  1. Creating a collaborative environment

    By using GitScrum for agile project management, freelancers create a collaborative environment that can be shared with others involved in delivering tasks, as well as with customers.

    In this way, it is possible to organize, manage and measure achievements in real time, and assign those responsible for each successful stage.

  2. Creating tools for meritocracy

    To increase productivity in tasks, freelancers and entire teams can use meritocracy. In this way, people become more motivated and achieve better results based on the rewards received.

    Professionals who adapt well to changes and are able to perform tasks quickly are the ones who achieve the best results. And when using the agile project management tool GitScrum this adaptation is simplified.

  3. Introducing the concept of games at work - Gamification

    GitScrum creates a certain game environment at work, with competition and fun at the same time.

    In an increasingly demanding and agile work environment, having these benefits to perform tasks in a more relaxed way makes a lot of difference in the daily life of a freelancer or an entire team that can compare results and even achieve different rewards depending on the development of the tasks.

  4. A simple platform to use

    Using an agile project management system such as GitScrum doesn’t require a degree to understand how to get into each functionality.

    This is a simple and practical tool, designed to facilitate the daily projects of all types of professionals.

  5. Track people's performance in real time

    Because GitScrum has project sharing features, it is possible for everyone involved in a particular step or project to see the progress of activities.

    This is a great benefit to help those professionals who need visual assistance when it comes to staying focused on the tasks and the expected final result.

    In this way it is also possible to reduce the errors and rework, since everyone can get a macro view of each task in real time.

  6. Easier decision making

    Last but not least, this benefit lies in the most strategic part: decision making.

    By using an agile project management tool like GitScrum, decision makers can clearly visualize the bottlenecks in order to make the necessary improvements and continue the project.

    From graphs and reports it is possible to make these decisions based on data and ensure the alignment of everyone who is involved.

The Power of a White Label Software

GitScrum's White Label enables users to share their activity boards, domains, logos, and project updates with their customers.

The result is that your logos and brands will be displayed to customers. Even being a freelancer you can create your brand to be used in GitScrum.

Usually, big companies pay a lot of money to develop software to achieve this level of customization!

GitScrum has a super cute rabbit logo, but they are convinced that your brand is more important when you are dealing with your customers.

Once you start using the tool with your brand, you'll see that there's no turning back! Do you know why?

Think about the feeling you have when you receive a professional email from a Gmail account? Or a Hotmail account? Much better to have your brand there, right?