Agile Projects

Agile projects are essential to perform high quality software development and guarantee the goals are being achieved while it is still in progress.

The agile project methodology allows a whole project to be broken down into steps and because of that people involved can visualize deadlines and objectives much clearer.

Considering this, working with agile projects result in greater and faster delivery of final projects, contributing to your team’s productivity.

How to do agile project management?

When an agile project is being conducted by a team, a few steps and rules must be followed. And to make sure all requirements are being fulfilled (which will result in the best possible result), this agile project must be well managed.

It is not mandatory that a project manager do it though, because since the methodology is pretty clear, and there are great tools such as GitScrum available in the market, it ends up being simpler than a normal project management.

Undoubtedly, the main benefit of performing agile project management is identifying and working on problems as soon as they show up, this way avoiding rework.

Having constant diagnosis of the agile project status, it becomes part of the tasks to identify eventual problems and work on them as fast as possible.

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Individual steps management

As already mentioned, an agile project is divided into different steps, and each of them must be assessed with the same attention. To guarantee it happens, project management is an important aspect to consider.

This way, the team keeps motivated and aware of any changes and milestones achieved during the execution of the agile project in question.

More than that, when different people are involved in different projects, this micro-management helps people remain organized and working with clear objectives.

As part of the agile project methodology, as soon as one of these segments of the final job is completed, it can be released for validation of time, cost and efficiency. And as a consequence, feedback is constant and adaptation as well. These agile projects characteristics help it to be successfully completed.

Agile project management with Scrum

While an agile project refers to the methodology itself and includes aspects such as organization and collaboration among team members, “Scrum” is actually a framework to implement all these concepts of Agile.

This framework is usually correlated to developers, but it can actually be used by any kind of complex project that must be well executed and with high quality standards.

To start your agile project management using Scrum framework one must use software such as GitScrum. This tool will provide the team involved an important principle of Scrum: transparency.

By having a visual interaction, the whole team can understand the progress of the agile project and what is everyone doing in order to deliver the best result within the specified deadline.

Besides being transparent with the whole team, GitScrum can be used to organize all tasks and parts of a project, and it is a pretty effective way of sharing updates, revising the work, comment on tasks and attach any important document.

Steps to start your agile product management using GitScrum

  1. Product Owner

    Imagine this as a project manager. A person who is has the authority to estipulate what is expected of the final product. The product owner is the one who must make the Backlog list with all requirements and different steps that must be followed to have the final product.

  2. Sprint

    A sprint is defined as a determined period of time in which a number of tasks must be completed. It consists of a planning meeting, the execution of the tasks and a review when finished, so if any gaps are found, it can be corrected rapidly.

  3. Daily Scrum

    Besides having the final moment of evaluation of the completed sprint, when using a tool such as GitScrum and agile project methodology, constant follow up must be done to ensure tasks are being completed according to the plan.

Agile project management software

To use a software to assist on agile project management is the best option for you as a team or as a freelancer, because it has all important elements to guarantee the project will be completed on time and with a high quality final product.

GitScrum is a great tool to manage your agile project. It has some important features such as:

  1. Kanban and non-kanban management tools

    Whether if the user prefers cards, tags and colors, or even whiteboards to organize lists, GitScrum has different options.

  2. Time-tracking

    As mentioned before, an agile project has as one of its characteristics the sprints, and the time-tracking feature is essential to completely manage your project in one single place.

  3. Bug tracking

    When during a daily scrum the team realizes there is a gap or a bug in the project development, it is important to check the status of it and when it’s fixed. GitScrum has a feature to pull bug reports and understand its current situation.

  4. Changelog

    While working with a team is pretty important in an agile project, it can cause questions on who updated an information or deleted a file. This is why a changelog is important and help managing the project.

  5. Communication features

    inside the software all members can share files, leave comments and start discussions, receive emails with notifications, and integrate the tool with other softwares such as Dropbox, Slack, GitHub, GitLab and others.

When evaluating the best option people must consider these and other available features to fulfill task management, team collaboration, reporting and analysis.

Agile project management tools

As it was possible to understand, in order to successfully execute and manage an agile project, a few requirements must be followed.

The best way to guarantee a good agile project management is by using good software that has all important elements to provide people involved in the project interaction while tracking the essential information and making reports available for the constant evaluation needed.

In GitScrum all these aspects are found and should be used for agile projects management.