Create an MVP for Startups supported by the perfect GitScrum Tool

When a person has an idea and becomes an entrepreneur, it is important to validate the concept with an MVP for startup.

In order to create an MVP for startups, tools can be used to help in this process.

By working with a tool such as GitScrum, it is possible to manage all steps involved in creating an MVP for startups, as well as organize your project as a whole.

In this article you will understand how a project management tool can support this important part of any entrepreneur business.

In addition, we present to you what is the purpose of creating an MVP for startups, as well as the benefits that it can bring to your business.

What is the meaning of MVP?

The meaning of MVP is Minimum Viable Product, and it’s something common when discussing startup ideas and projects.

When someone creates an MVP for startups, the objective is to test a product or website and gather feedback from the users or people who interacted with it, by having the least effort possible.

An MVP for startups has some key characteristics that are common and should be addressed during planning and execution stages of the project.

Considering this, GitScrum is a complete tool to make the planning and execution of an MVP for a startup.

The main characteristics of an MVP for startups are:

  • The product or website shows value to the potential users, and people get interested in buying it.
  • For people who were not engaged with your idea before, the MVP should demonstrate benefits that will call the attention of new buyers.
  • To create an MVP for startups must be used as a guide for feedback and help developers and entrepreneurs to improve the final product.

Consider you have a project to develop a website or an app. The MVP is the basic version of it.

After collecting all feedback provided by the first users, the team is able to continue improving it until they complete the job.

By using GitScum, a tool developed to help you organize all steps involved in a project, it is possible to have support and complete the tasks within the deadlines and reach both productivity and great results.

In addition to the already mentioned features, GitScrum supports the review and feedback stages when creating an MVP for startups so it can be performed satisfactorily.

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Purpose of creating an MVP for startups

The main purpose of creating an MVP for startups is to understand the users’ reactions to a first version of the product developed.

One of the most important things is that the launch must happen quickly and using a small budget.

By creating an MVP for startups, the entrepreneurs and team members are able to find the most accurate audience, have insights based on the experienced and also save money and time.

Because of that, using a tool such as GitScrum makes it much easier to reach high quality results and test all hypotheses created during planning and execution.

Therefore, it is possible to list 3 different purposes of creating an MVP for startups:

  • The top 1 purpose is to test the created MVP for a startup to really understand if the product is going to be accepted and meets the expectations of the users.
  • As a consequence, the second purpose is to work on the feedback received.
  • To finish, creating an MVP for startups aims to build the best final product considering the user experience.

Start your MVP by using GitScrum and realize how this process can be much simpler with the use of a complete tool for project management.

Benefits of creating an MVP for Startups

Besides being clear about the main purposes and objectives of creating an MVP for startups, it is interesting to highlight what are the expected benefits.

This way, the MVP can be a part of your startup’s strategy, and not only one more stage that must be fulfilled to continue working on the final product.

  1. Ability to focus on what is really important

    One important aspect of a startup is that the entrepreneur (or team of entrepreneurs) has a great idea and starts putting it in practice. One of the benefits of creating an MVP for startups is to really focus on that first concept.

    In order to have the best results, the created MVP is strategic and allows the startup to be focused on one core idea, instead of working out the role project before even launching it.

    Some of the features offered in GitScrum are task checklists and time tracking.

  2. Having the opportunity to test it soon

    As a consequence of being focused and creating an MVP for startups that really show the core of the product, the first prototype (even if you are working with websites and apps) must be tested with different users.

    Because these projects are usually aimed at a segmented public, the users that will make the first trial must meet the requirements of your final user.

    On the other hand, if the startup is more generic and may have different publics, the tests must be conducted with different types of users as well.

    Imagine you develop and create an MVP for a startup and test it as soon as possible, but with a small number of users, friends or family.

    In the end, you may not have the most accurate feedback. Because of that, dedication to this stage is really important.

  3. Minimum risk

    Creating an MVP for startups, as already mentioned, is strategic. Because of this basic characteristic, and considering it is a really simple first product, just to give an idea of it for users to try it, an MVP has minimum risk.

    This is true because if there is too much feedback, your team may still be able to change the whole layout or features to meet the users’ expectations.

  4. Requires less time and money to start

    The final benefit of creating an MVP for startups is undoubtedly the speed and the money required to the first launch.

    And if you follow the guidelines about creating an MVP for your startup, this will be a natural consequence.

    Because the project was simple, it will cost less than a complete product development.

    In the same way, if it is just the first concept put in a product, website or app, it will be completed more quickly.

The importance of visualizing the MVP development

When you are creating an MVP for startups it’s really important that the whole team can see it on a daily basis.

In order to do it, GitScrum has a feature that allows sharing the MVP status in your website, for example, and because of that the whole team has access to the MVP.

The consequence of it is that it becomes even easier to keep the team motivated and working hard to reach the objective of ending the MVP in order to present it and gather all feedback from users.

How the GitScrum tool can help create an MVP for startups

Being an entrepreneur or owner of a big idea that is being developed in the startup concept requires focus, energy and innovation at all times.

When someone has to think about so many things at the same time, management tracking may be forgotten and it may result in problems.

To avoid these situations, GitScrum acts as a real tool to make all this organization, follow up and tracking easier.

With all the features the system has, creating an MVP for a startup becomes a pretty straightforward task.

Join GitScrum and use it to have all benefits and positive results that your business deserves.