Create high performing teams with GitScrum

To create high performing teams can be a real challenge, and GitScrum is a great option for you to orgazine, plan and execute project management.

This is true because it is becoming more and more important to consider a wide range of aspects to have a high performing team, instead of only thinking about hiring the right people for the roles.

And when the project manager needs to cross different information from the whole team, understand which skills must be available to perform the project, be aware of possible gaps and analyze the results constantly, it is essential to have access to a great software such as GitScrum.

In this documentation you will understand the main characteristics of high performance teams, how GitScrum helps in this process and possible ways to measure team performance.

The importance of technology for high performance teams

Before you understand all those important aspects to create high performing teams, we would like to highlight how technology can benefit entire organizations in this process when correctly used.

In addition to skills like organization, global vision of objectives and goals, report analysis, enthusiasm and ability to self motivation, a high performing project manager (and consequently, high performing teams), must count on online platforms and softwares to make daily life simpler.

Imagine you have to prepare your dinner tonight, and instead of using your kitchen utensils to help in this task, you decide to use your bare hands to slice all the necessary ingredients.

It doesn’t make any sense. And the same is for organizations that are still not using solutions such as GitScrum to develop high performance teams.

Try GitScrum and stop wasting time with spreadsheet and paper notes. Create a high performance team with the best tool available.

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5 Characteristics of High Performing Teams

The best way to create high performance teams is to realize what are the common skills and behaviours needed.

Overall it is common to come across reports of high performance team members talking about the importance of having a collaborative environment to share and contribute with ideas and learning points.

And besides the environment and how the organization should consider the employees opinions, below we have a list of the most important characteristics for a high performing team.

By following it, you will be able to create high performing teams soon.

  1. Everyone must work for the same goals

    In order to have truly high performing teams and individuals, people must work for the same final objective.

    To organize it and visually observe the project’s progress, you can use GitScrum. These are some of the features available in the platform.

  2. Team members trust in each other and the final purpose

    High performing teams are all about trust. When people can trust their colleagues will responsibly deliver their own tasks, it is easier to work and get to the final results and be productive.

    When this level of trust is achieved among team members, you will be one step closer to have a high performance team.

  3. Team members are able to discuss and disagree

    When someone disagrees with someone else, is viewed as a good thing and high performance teams are able to manage conflicts very well.

    There are frequent opportunities for feedback among team members and in special sessions with the project manager.

    In order to organize all information shared during these moments, you must use a project management software such as GitScrum.

    This way all important topics will be available for consultation and to use later in reports and evaluations.

  4. Interest in Learning

    Something important about people and knowledge is that no amount of time spent in studying will be enough to know everything. And in order to have high performing teams, this understanding is critical.

    Both project manager and team members are responsible for looking for new information, ideas for improvements and benchmarking.

    It is also interesting to reserve at least 1h during the working week for sharing of new outcomes. This moment is also an opportunity to empower people to speak about their achievements and practice presentation skills.

  5. Commitment

    The final characteristic you must consider when you create a high performing team, is that everyone should commit to the project.

    When people are committed, they deliver better solutions, contribute with ideas and are always trying to achieve the goals.

    This characteristic might be achieved by performing team building moments and constant team meetings.

    Something project managers do is to build the values and goals for the team, because this way people commit more and are more engaged to it.

GitScrum made for High Performance teams

One of the reasons for GitScrum being well accepted for its users is that it was designed for high performance teams.

There are so many features to use, that people end up having great project management by simply using the possibilities in the software.

One of the best things about GitScrum is its flexibility and that it is customizable.

This way the team can identify better with the dashboard and to visualize all tasks and delivery times.

As high performing teams are well organized and constantly review the job looking for improvements, GitScrum is also able to help in the results and performance indicators analysis.

By using the different functionalities available, project managers can make better decisions and also be aware of delayed tasks or incomplete stages of the project.

All these aspects contribute for the creation of high performance teams, and also the possibility to maintain this throughout the execution of the project.

Do you need an effective tool to perform high quality project management and create high performing teams? Try GitScrum and use it to achieve all your goals.

How to measure team performance

There are many ways to determine whether you have or not a high performance team. This measure is necessary and must be done constantly by the project manager.

If the results and team collaboration is positive, people should be aware of that so they can continue improving and having even better behaviour.

On the other hand, if the measurement of team performance was not so good, it is even more important that the whole team knows about it and starts working on the improvements.

Only by doing this, it will be possible to create high performance teams and keep the good outcomes week by week, month by month.

Some ideas you may apply in measuring team performance are: graphic rating scales (1 to 5 ou 1 to 10 scale, for example), 360-degree feedback, self-evaluation, management by results and checklists.

It is important to highlight that GitScrum counts on many features that can help you organize and execute team performance measurement.

This way, it becomes easier to understand if you already have a high performing team or must work hard on that.


In this text you understood how GitScrum can contribute as a technological solution to your project management and to understand if you already have a high performance team.

Also, we have shown you the 5 characteristics of high performing teams, and gave you some ideas on how to achieve it in your own team.

In a nutshell, you may consider GitScrum as an agile project management that was designed for high performing teams.

And because of that many of its features are useful to guarantee and maintain a high performance team.