How an agile management tool can increase team productivity

In order to achieve the best productivity in your team, it’s essential to use an agile management tool such as GitScrum.

The use of an agile management tool is very good because there are so many important steps and stages in a project, that having to trust all this to a person or a manually operated spreadsheet is not the best move for your team.

As a natural consequence of using the agile management tool GitScrum to manage all aspects of your project and team management, team productivity rises a lot and the final result is much better.

With an agile management tool it is possible to have higher quality, motivation and constant feedback for everyone involved, so people keep focused on the job while understanding the whole idea behind it, the next steps and the final objective.

GitScrum is an agile management tool that allows a deep knowledge about the project goals and necessary steps, and also enables team managers to really focus on what is important: the people involved in it.

GitScrum: an agile management tool that helps smarter planning

To plan the execution of a project requires organization and team work. Because in order to have high team productivity, all people involved must be part of the project since the first planning steps.

The best way to guarantee a smart planning process is to use GitScrum as an agile management tool that has specific features to have the best planning for a project.

As you can imagine, when a big project is being planned, there are countless variables and possibilities that must be considered. And the smarter way to do it is by dividing the whole planning process into different tasks and stages in an agile management tool.

In the GitScrum platform you can have all the benefits of an agile management tool, and it is possible to use the different features available to divide the final planning into smaller parts, such as:

  • Project Initiation;
  • Project Execution;
  • Project Monitoring and Control;
  • Project Closure.
  • As an agile management tool, GitScrum makes it easy to organize each of the planning steps with the goal of having a smarter plan in the end. The user may enjoy the boards, checklists, sharing of information and other features in order to achieve the best results.

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    How to create quick tasks in the project using the GitScrum agile management tool?

    The agile management tool GitScrum has a simple process to create quick tasks that will not harm the team’s productivity.

    There are a few important pieces of information that must be added to the agile management tool so that the task description and objective is clear for everyone involved, as well as the possibility to use the information provided in reports later on.

    1. Task title

      The first field in the agile management tool GitScrum is the registration of the task title in a clear and simple way for people to understand what is this about and the job that must be done.

    2. Description

      This is the field to explain in more details the work that needs to be executed. As an agile management tool, this is actually the support information and material so the person who is executing the task has no doubts on how to proceed.

    3. Task Type

      The task type is important to identify how the work is being divided. After all, in a complete project many different types of tasks will be performed. To have accurate reports and charts, it is useful to have separate tasks inside the agile management tool. This way customer problems will be separate from improvement tasks, for example.

    4. Task Effort

      The effort field will help perform management of the needed work for each part of the project. By selecting if the effort is 1 or 5, it will be possible to understand which stage of the project demands more effort from the team members, and use the agile management tool strategically.

    5. Assigned to

      Any task must have the responsible people assigned for it. If this doesn’t happen, there is no reason for using an agile management tool, because the people must know they have tasks to do and objectives to achieve.

    6. Bug and Draft

      After setting up the task, the final possibility in the agile management tool GitScrum is to classify it as a “bug”, when related to correction activities, or a “draft” when the person who is creating it doesn’t want to share the task to all other team members.

    Agile management tool to keep track of your collaborators and other projects

    When a complex project, or various minor projects are in progress, there will be many people involved in it.

    By using an agile management tool, the tracking of it all is much easier to have a good quality team management. It happens because there are features to assign tasks, monitor progress and share the success with the team and clients.

    You will probably agree when we say that it is hard to keep track of all people working in a project. And you can trust us when we say that by using the agile management tool GitScrum, team management gets to a higher level.

    Besides being aware of each person’s activities, GitScrum is an agile management tool that makes it possible to execute high quality team management through its various features.

    And this high standard is reached by correctly executing planning, monitoring, feedback and closure stages of a project. All these stages can be successfully performed with GitScrum which is available for free.

    Considering all the features and possibilities the agile management tool GitScrum offers to its users, it is time to make a free trial and see how it can help your team to be more productive in daily routines and entire projects.