Make Remote Work possible with GitScrum

Remote work is not something new anymore. However, some people still don`t understand how people can have remote work. To perform tasks through their computers using the internet.

The fact is that this lifestyle is growing a lot

This way of executing a job meets the needs of more flexible schedules, spending quality time with family, travel while working and many others.

However, remote work requires a lot of organization and time management. This is important because when you have the freedom to choose what time of the day you are the most productive, you can end up not being productive at all.

Using an agile project management tool such as GitScrum can help you organize all the tasks and track deadlines easily involved in remote work while having a visual approach to what is going on in your schedule.

In this article you will understand how an agile tool can be a strategic partner and enable remote work. Also, the importance of organization using GitScrum and the benefits users have while making use of the platform in remote work.

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What is Remote Work?

Remote work happens when someone works outside the traditional office environment. You can have remote work as an employee working from home. And you can also be a self employed professional, working as an entrepreneur or a freelancer, for example.

To have remote work means you can work from home, a local coworking space, at a coffee shop, or even on the other side of the world.

If you have a regular job that allows you to work from your laptop by only using the internet, or even if you can work offline and deliver a project to your client, you are eligible to have remote work.

What is also true is that new professions are being created all the time, so if you wish to change your lifestyle and have remote work. You may use your creativity and entrepreneurial vision and make it happen.

But you might be wondering about the background stuff. How can a remote worker organize the day, set priorities and keep the income while enjoying the best of life?

Create your GitScrum, start using it in your projects and answer these and other questions.

How an Agile tool helps with Remote Work

The agile framework is about making things more practical, and as the name states: agile. Remote work is completely linked to this methodology, and when a person or even a whole team works remotely. Using a tool able to deliver those outcomes can be very useful.

In agile, it is essential that all the stakeholders involved in the project are able to participate and collaborate throughout the process. The idea of having a project concluded to only then be evaluated by the client is no longer a reality.

By using GitScrum, an agile project management tool, you will be able to share important information and entire boards with the stakeholders. This way they can give ongoing feedback and the whole project becomes faster and with higher quality.

On GitScrum you are also able to add your own domain and branding, so when you share information it is actually your logo and information that is available in the material.

Since you won’t have a boss all the time asking for results, and you need to be productive anyways. Something else that is critical to executing remote work is to track the time spent with each task.

This can be done on GitScrum and is a very interesting feature to maintain good results and productivity high.

It is even more interesting if you are not a person who can focus on one task at a time. When someone tracks the time of an activity, the usual result is to be focused to finish it and be able to stop the timer.

Organize Remote Work Activities with GitScrum

One of the main challenges of someone who has remote work is to keep everything organized while executing all that is expected of high quality.

Working from home can be very good for your health and quality of life, however, you must use the correct tools to make organization your friend, not your enemy.

GitScrum is the best tool to help you with that. The scrumban feature is pretty good to visually plan and track tasks performance.

This platform aims to make remote work easy, powerful, intuitive and fun.

You will also enjoy the features of task checklists and labels to keep your projects even more clear and organized.

With those aspects in use, remote work will definitely be much easier.

Try GitScrum and understand how it can help you organize remote work.

6 Benefits of Working at Home with GitScrum

There is a reason why people are moving from the traditional way of working to remote work. Actually, there are many different reasons, and people may use this new way of working for different purposes.

Some may dedicate more to health and exercise, others to work whenever they feel productive, and others may want to travel the world while working.

Here we have a list of 6 benefits you can have with remote work while using GitScrum as your support.

  1. Better Work-Life Balance

    This is the first benefit when it comes to remote work. Many remote workers are able to join flexible schedules and thus they can use their time for other important tasks such as spending time with the kids. Doing grocery shopping in the middle of the day and even going to the gym in the morning when there are fewer people around.

    When you use a tool such as GitScrum for remote work, all of it is made more practical because you know what your obligations are for the day. And you are aware of the time you spend with each type of activity.

  2. Time-Saving

    When you have to commute to work every day, you will usually lose from 1 to 2 hours (if not more!) for a return trip.

    When you have remote work and you are able to visually understand the day priorities with GitScrum. You may even use those 1 or 2 hours to do something different for yourself such as read a book, study or cook your own healthy meals.

  3. To be aware of the efforts needed

    As you will be able to constantly track the time and effectiveness of your tasks with GitScrum. A huge benefit for remote work will be your understanding of everything you do.

    Whether you are providing services or executing tasks for a project, it will change your life when you really understand the time spent on actual work.

  4. A customizable tool for a customizable office

    When you have remote work, something that may always change is your place of work. There is nothing wrong with working from home to be close to your family or even save money.

    However, the possibility to go somewhere else with a good internet connection and a comfortable space to work is always there.

    If you have a customizable office, you will enjoy GitScrum’s customizable templates, labels and the white label feature that allows you to make the tool your own.

  5. Increased productivity

    GitScrum is an agile project management tool able to help you be more productive.

    When the features are being correctly used, the result will be a more organized day and week. Also with clear objectives and times for each task, and the possibility to share boards and reports with the stakeholders.

    Comparing that to traditional work where people are usually simply waiting for 5 p.m. to leave, to be productive in remote work is a reality and GitScrum has the perfect features for it.

  6. Better Health

    Last but not least, when you have remote work you are able to be more relaxed, practice sports, eat healthier and even cook your own lunch if that is something you love.

    The use of a quality tool such as GitScrum and features such as scrumban and stories and effort points, it will help the user to understand where, when and how to put energy in a task.


In this article, you have understood how GitScrum can help remote workers to perform their jobs even better and have higher productivity.

Remote work is a rising reality for companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers. And using the correct tools to assess all the needs involved with remote work is important and must be a strategic move.