Modern Agile and Kanban with GitScrum

Modern Agile is what everyone has been talking about lately. How to adapt to this constantly evolving framework. Modern agile means people are not satisfied with classic agile methods and things must change.

This is happening due to a need to have even simpler, safer and speedier ways to reach the best results a person or a team is able to.

When something huge like modern agile comes to life, professionals find it challenging to adapt and forget about all the processes built in the previous way of work.

The new reality of modern agile makes it necessary to have a prepared tool to help teams be even more productive with the correct features available.

GitScrum is the perfect platform for your team to put in practice modern agile. This new way of management is based on continuous flow overworking in sprints.

An important feature that enables continuous flow is kanban. This is true because by using a kanban board, which is a visually organized board, it is possible for people to see everything that must be done.

Also, by using kanban in GitScrum, the whole team can pull the work across columns, differentiate urgent and normal work, and remove bottlenecks that may arise.

In this text, you will have an introduction to modern agile while understanding how the agile project management GitScrum is able to assist your business in achieving the best results by using kanban.

Modern Agile principles

There are four different disciplines for modern agile. Understand each of them better:

Deliver Value Continuously

In a world where companies are trying hard to differentiate from competitors, modern agile is very connected because it’s about delivering value continuously.

Something important is that in modern agile, to deliver value is not the same as releasing the final product to the public. It actually means to deliver a first draft of what is being done, so that the client is able to quickly give feedback.

By doing this, the team is constantly delivering value, the client is satisfied because he/she is able to see partial results, and feedback is used to improve the ongoing job.

Using GitScrum’s kanban boards is useful to organize all of it and guarantee the promised deliveries will be done. Modern agile is made much easier to execute when using a proper tool such as GitScrum.

Experiment and Learn Rapidly

The most effective and productive teams that use modern agile are committed to experimenting and learning all the time.

In a modern agile project, besides anything else, everyone involved is expected to try, make mistakes, learn about it, solve it and repeat. And it must all be very fast.

It was common to have the complex project back in the day that was completely refused by the client, or that had so many changes to be performed that it would be easier and cheaper to start from zero again.

It can’t happen when using a modern agile framework. And this is the basis of this discipline. You must have space and opportunity to try anything. And in the case problems happen, you should quickly learn from it and adapt to a new idea.

In order to document and have a history of everything that was tested and the reasons why problems happened saved, kanban must be used.

GitScrum kanban boards must be used for it. The visual impact of having the information organized is incredible.

Teams are more confident about their ideas and decisions, and results get better and faster.

Make Safety a Prerequisite

Even though we are talking about very dynamic environments, in companies that must evolve fast and try new things, safety must always be a prerequisite. In modern agile, you are allowed to make mistakes and refresh ideas. However, safety is the first thing to consider.

This is true for both the developers and the final client who will use the product developed.

Do you understand how important is safety for your company?

Once making safety a prerequisite is a reality in modern agile, the other disciplines already mentioned here (experiment and learn rapidly, and deliver value continuously) are enabled.

And finally, when people feel safe in modern agile reality, the natural consequence is higher performance.

Added to it, it is essential that anytime an accident or near-miss happens, people are aware of it and safety is improved. Some companies use daily safety talks, or even weekly safety talks.

In modern agile, safety is considered a prerequisite, even bigger than a priority. So your team must take it seriously as well.

Make People Awesome

Besides developing awesome products and incredible technology, in modern agile, the fourth discipline is to make people awesome.

It means that the people who buy your product should have this feeling when they use it.

Companies don’t use modern agile really to create great products or even great companies. They do it to make customers feel awesome and that’s what modern agile states.

To make it happen, you may use GitScrum kanban feature, because you can set some questions or important ideas to consider every time someone is starting the daily routine.

As kanban is visual, it will certainly help people to think about the user experience all the time.

In modern agile, this is critical for success.

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As you could see, different disciplines of modern agile are related to each other. It’s not possible to deliver value continuously if the whole team is not practicing the experiment and learn rapidly.

The same happens to make people awesome. If the responsible for creating the product are not focused on safety and trying hard to have the best results, the consumer will see that in the delivered result.

In modern agile, more than in a simple agile framework, everything is connected and people must be always learning new things, sharing discoveries, trying and making mistakes.

This is very useful for companies, and counting on a great tool to organize it all is a great idea.

GitScrum has kanban and various other features available for all users.