The importance of GitScrum for the Scrum Master

A Scrum Master is the person responsible for coaching the team and to guarantee the Scrum team is successful in a project.

To use a tool such as GitScrum is great to help the Scrum Master in the management of all people and deliveries involved in the scrum project.

As part of a Scrum Master routine, this person will influence and change entire organizations with contributions known as interventions.

A company works as a system, and every time an intervention is performed, people’s responsibilities may change. And consequently the company itself is in constant change as well.

These interventions are a result of reports interpretations, evaluations and observations.

And the best way to ensure the Scrum Master is really considering the most accurate information is by using the GitScrum tool.

Roles of a Scrum Master with GitScrum support

The main role of a Scrum Master is to increase team performance through the removal of impediments to progress, make meetings more productive and work alongside the product owner.

If on one side the Scrum Master works together with the Product Owner, on the other side this is the person who will protect the team members from being pressured by the Product Owner demands.

This way, it is clear that the Scrum Master needs to be in contact to all people involved in the project and also understand all the tasks that are being performed to maintain everyone focused on their responsibilities.

When a person is starting the work as a Scrum Master it is essential to use a tool such as GitScrum in order to organize everything and make sure all aspects of the project are under control.

The Scrum Master is responsible to highlight what is working and what are the gaps in a Scrum team, so it is possible that the Scrum Master is considered a "personal trainer" who helps team members to perform all exercises correctly for a final goal.

However, the Scrum Master is not allowed to fire team members. They actually work to identify people who may need help or bigger deadlines than others.

Like that, the big role of the Scrum Master is to manage the whole project performance.

By using a free agile management tool as GitScrum, the Scrum Master is able to identify the gaps while revising the final reports of a sprint, for example.

When the data is correctly added to the system, and all team members keep it up to date, it is possible to have a great straightforward analysis and make important decisions quickly.

The decisions that are made by the Scrum Master are very important and may also be shared with the whole team and the client using GitScrum white label and sharing features.

There are a few questions the Scrum Master can think about when making a decision or simply organizing the daily or weekly results.

These questions are:

  • What was observed during the daily routine?
  • How is it possible to interpret and evaluate this observation in a strategic way?
  • What are the questions that show up when this interpretation and evaluation are done?
  • What are the interventions to be done considering the interpretation and evaluation?

A good practice for a Scrum Master in agile project management is to write it all down in GitScrum, so every day there is fresh and reliable information that can be used at any time.

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Scrum Master backlog organization with Product Owner using GitScrum

The Scrum Master and the Product Owner are two important roles within a Scrum project. These are complementary roles and must always be performed by different people.

In a nutshell, the Scrum Master is the mediator between the Product Owner and the team that is executing the tasks.

The main role of the Product Owner is to be the key stakeholder, the person who has the ideas and wishes to be built, and who spreads these ideas to the Scrum Master and then to the whole team.

On the other hand, the Scrum Master is always focused on project success, being the focal point from the Product Owner to the development team by using agile methodology strategies.

Usually, the Scrum Master is the one who supports the Product Owner in every step possible, including the organization of the backlog to guarantee the next sprint is ready to start.

GitScrum is perfect for backlog organization and makes all analysis necessary to ensure one project sprint is finished, and the next one is ready to be executed.

GitScrum has the feature to engage the whole team by using Stories and Effort points. They are very useful to make the project more agile and easier to be performed.

This happens because when the Scrum Master and the Product Owner share the efforts in a non-technical language, it provides context for all people involved, thus making them more motivated and willing to continue for the next sprint.

Even though the Product Owner, Scrum Master, and the operational team are not close together at all times, using GitScrum makes it possible for them to share everything.

As a result, they have great communication, easily understand the plan by using the Scrumban, share all important information and many other features available.

How GitScrum supports the Scrum Masters to increase the effectiveness of the Scrum application in the organization

There are many aspects involved in a successful agile project. The role of a Scrum Master is really important to guarantee this success and GitScrum can be very useful to make it real.

The Scrum Master must always work to increase the team’s performance and productivity. In order to do so, it is important to share information with other Scrum Masters and team members as well.

This way, the team becomes multidisciplinary and transparent and is able to communicate very well throughout all stages of a project.