Top Trello alternatives: GitScrum for Agile Teams

There are several Trello Alternatives in the market, and the best tool for Agile Projects is GitScum. Understand why!

When performing project management, especially agile project management, it is critical to have a complete tool such as GitScrum to make the process easier and clearer for all people involved.

By using GitScrum as one of the Trello Alternatives, the Scrum Master is able to visualize all upcoming tasks, as well as analyze all results achieved and important feedback to continue the project for the next sprint.

When Agile Projects team members decide to use GitScrum as a Trello alternative, they are able to use a huge number of functionalities that will help organize and execute the project, as well as check for results.

Agile Project Management Software

But before we dive into the reasons why Gitscrum is the best Trello alternative in the market, it is important that you understand how an agile project management software like GitScrum works.

The concept behind GitScrum is to contribute to more productive projects with an agile approach.

The aim of this software is to help different teams to better control the project management with scrum framework, so people are able to manage and complete day to day task management more easily.

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Reasons to look for Trello alternatives

A freelancer or small business usually uses a project management tool. They will usually go for Trello, which is one of the most widely used apps for this purpose.

However, a few issues have been contributing for users searching for Trello alternatives, and GitScrum is the best solution if you are on the run to have a more complete and flexible tool for classic or agile projects.

Make sure to have your GitScrum today and understand why this is a great Trello alternative!

Here are 4 reasons to look for Trello alternatives:

  1. Limited features beyond simple task management

    Trello has visually and organized task management functions, this is true. On the other hand, when the user seeks for more flexible, dynamic and advanced features, it is better to look for Trello Alternatives such as GitScrum.

  2. Trello is hard to connect projects with too many sub-tasks and collaborators

    Nowadays, companies and freelance professionals are more and more multi-tasking. A natural consequence of that is the projects these people and organizations work on are more diversified as well.

    When this is the case, Trello lacks functionalities to interconnect different sub-tasks or even add different collaborators’ tasks into one single card. Because of that, it’s necessary to look for Trello alternatives that are available.

    GitScrum is one option among the Trello Alternatives in the market that allows your team to be more productive and able to really track and understand everyone’s moves during a working day or week.

  3. Trello is not customizable for users

    Whether you work in a small team or a big one, something very important for agile project management is the possibility to customize.

    Trello doesn’t have this functionality, which can be a problem when your purpose is to share information about the project status with the final client.

    Or even when the team is working in different projects, it becomes hard to identify different stages and responsibilities.

  4. Paying for basic functionalities

    Consider you really use and trust a project management tool such as Trello, and have many different projects operating inside it at the same time.

    If you are currently using the free version of Trello and have more than 10 open boards, the app will force you to increase to the Business account (which is paid).

    It is time to start searching for Trello Alternatives!

    Even if you have less than 10 open boards, it’s interesting to look for Trello alternatives out there in the market and get used to a new and more complete platform such as GitScrum.

    GitScrum presents itself as a great Trello alternative, with a range of features to manage all your projects.

Why use GitScrum instead of Trello?

Understand why GitScrum is a good Trello alternative for your agile project management.

  1. Effective Time Tracking

    One of the biggest challenges of a project manager or scrum master is to be able to manage all tasks that must be performed, as well as have a general overview of the project completion status.

    Trello has features of time tracking which are limited, differently from GitScrum. This Trello alternative allows that different people involved in one task have separate deadlines and goals.

    Try this Trello alternative now for free and use all the features available in the tool.

  2. White Label

    It is important that all people involved in the project, including the final client, are aware of the tasks performed and the general status of it.

    As a great option among Trello Alternatives, by using GitScrum you can add your own logo (and not use GitScrum’s any more to your boards). After that action, clients will be impressed and trust even more of your job.

    There are many other useful and important GitScrum’s features to discuss, but why don’t you try GitScrum for free and prove it yourself?

Is GitScrum the best Trello Alternative for your small business?

After reading this article, it is possible to have an idea of how GitScrum is the best Trello alternative for small businesses.

All the way from features and flexibility of the platform, to GitScrum’s support system, this tool will be very useful in your daily routine.

With the purpose of boosting productivity and making complex projects stress-free, you should consider starting to use this Trello alternative right now and build your first boards, checklists and everything else you need to track everything the best way possible.