What is the best agile project management tool?

Agile project management is very useful for all professionals, from freelancers to large companies. And because it is becoming more common, the number of agile project management tools available is growing a lot.

But among all the options what is the best agile project management tool? Today you will understand why GitScrum is the best option for you.

It has so many features and possibilities and users can use all of them from day 1.

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How to take advantage of the GitScrum Agile Project Management Tool

As a differentiated agile project management tool, GitScrum offers a gamification approach so you can combine meritocracy with fun. By using this agile project management tool your company will become a real team and work as a community.

By having this collaborative and multifunctional environment, you will consequently have a successful project management.

Try GitScrum and understand how the platform enables all that for users.

If we can give you a tip on how to make the best use of the agile project management tool GitScrum, it would be: use it daily and to track every move your team does.

In the end of a sprint, or a whole month, you will be able to clearly visualize all results and perform any improvements necessary.

To constantly track activities and project status is the best way to use an agile project management tool like GitScrum.

GitScrum’s usability is also something that calls the attention of users. These people usually face problems with other tools they have tested and when they create a free account at GitScrum, they get surprised with how easy it can be to use.

Don’t waste any more time with ineffective agile project management tools and join GitScrum right now.

Key features - Agile Project Management Tool

When analysing an agile project management tool, a few important elements must be taken into account.

The user interface, integrations to make life easier, usability and value for money (when considering to use premium versions) are some important features to consider.

However, for you to really decide what is the best agile project management tool for your company, below we have listed some of the features available on GitScrum.


Scrumban is an agile project management feature that is a hybrid of Scrum and Kanban. It provides the structure of Scrum with the flexibility and visualization of Kanban (board planning), making it a highly versatile possibility for your agile project management.

Scrumban offers teams a healthy, familiar way of learning how to practice continuous improvement in Kanban without abandoning the familiar structure of Scrum.

GitScrum helps you model your workflow while keeping focused in the final client’s happiness.

White Label

A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company (GitScrum, in this case) that other company (you) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

This is a great feature available in the best agile project management tool in the market: GitScrum.

With the white label feature, you will be able to impress your client and replace the GitScrum logo with your own and use a custom domain or subdomain.

Task Checklists

A checklist is a way an agile project management tool can help you reduce failure. It is done by guaranteeing that human memory and attention problems are not part of your project.

Using GitScum you will be able to create and track task progression without creating additional subtasks.

Time Tracking

Time tracking software establishes accountability in teams because it is possible to understand which employees completed certain tasks, when the jobs were completed and how much time was put into each job.

This is one of the special features offered by the agile project management tool GitScrum. You can see time tracking by user, team, task and project so managers can allocate resources more strategically.

Shareable Boards

When working on a complex project (or even a small one), it is common that the client is interested to understand how it is working.

This is why having shareable boards is an important feature in an agile project management tool.

This way customers are able to view project status, collaborate and be aware of the progress in real-time.

The idea behind shareable boards is that you have the ability to share projects with guests without allowing access to the full account.

Stories and Efforts points

Story points are related to the effort involved in doing a task. In order to define deadlines to the activities, the agile project management tool GitScrum provides this feature.

With the Stories you may also create engagement in the team. They use non-technical language to provide context for the team.

Templates for Workflow and others

In a nutshell, workflows are visual structures that will lead people to the desired results.

When using it as part of an agile project management tool strategy, it can be basic or complex, depending on the purpose of it.

In theory, every time a person uses the same workflow, the same result is expected. It may contribute for a higher productivity in the team.

GitScrum has this feature so you can create your own templates whenever you need.

Label your Tasks and Projects

The agile project management tool GitScrum also invites you to label everything you do. It may be done with a custom color-coded label classification.

This is very useful to create filters as well, mainly if you have many different responsibilities in one project.


In this article you were able to understand the most important features available in the best agile project management tool in the market.

GitScrum is a different platform that contributes to your productivity while transforming the process in a game.

In order to decide what is the best agile project management tool for you, your team or your company, we recommend you check all the features offered by GitScrum.

This is a very complete tool that will help increase your results with project management.

Start using GitScrum now and put in practice all the important aspects of agile project management today!