Focus on value and creation

The main business strategy for creating value for stakeholders and customers and maintaining its relevance as it develops.

Make sure that the purpose of the organization is clearly and simply defined and understood.

Providing organizational values ​​(who we are) and behavior (how we do things) are clearly and simply defined, understood and encouraged.

Ensure that the required results are clearly identified at a high level and understood by key stakeholders (customers, citizens, shareholders, employees) and that they are reviewed (regularly).

Make sure that you have a clear idea of ​​the organization (simple, easily transmitted)

Make sure that the vision reflects the purpose of the organization, the values ​​and the required results, in a well transmitted way.

Make sure that there is a developed business strategy with strategic objectives that reflect the vision

Limit the amount of work in progress to what is possible

Review the portfolio regularly

Evaluate the portfolio to reflect the evolution of the strategy and the changing environment in which the business operates.

Make sure that the portfolio is consistently aligned with the business strategy that ensures the delivery of the cost.

Plan for the value to be added gradually.

Put effective measures and performance indicators.

Ensuring the content and prioritization of the portfolio is iterative and frequent.

Ensure a clear and transparent definition of criteria for prioritization.

Make sure that the comments are continuous, which makes it possible to check and adapt the portfolio to changing circumstances as needed.

Attract the right people to the formation and management of the portfolio

Make sure that the right people are involved, use your experience, abilities and inspirations to improve the chances of successful results.

Plan the availability of the right people at the right time

Identify, perhaps, unknown opportunities that people have

Identify the resources that you will need, and which are currently unavailable

Recognize the abilities and aspirations of people. This motivates people to become high performers.

Involve and retain the right people for the organization

Remove power portfolios and encourage portfolios based on value-oriented strategies and multifunctional teams.

Encourage innovation and creativity

Ensuring innovation and creativity is very important.

Identify a clear and simple process for introducing and evaluating new ideas! and then, make sure that it is well informed.

Treat your ideas with respect. Be open-minded.

Promote cooperation and empowerment

Create an environment in which people involved will cooperate to make changes.

Create self-motivated, multifunctional teams and let them deliver changes

Make sure that everyone understands that achieving a business strategy and goals is the main objective.