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Huge as your business vision, our platform allows you to include limitless projects, as long as you have new ideas to put into practice.

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All GitScrum plans include future updates to get our latest versions with features improvements our developing team is constantly working on.

Choose the best project management tool for your team, and don't waste time learning how to use Jira.

Is creating your team workflow process more complex than simple on Jira? We recommend you GitScrum project management tool, instead.

We know you're going to love the simplicity and the intuitive experience on its workspace using just what's essential for Agile to get more taskas done with GitScrum.

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Start using GitScrum for Agile and Scrum and understand why GitScrum is way better to improve productivity, agility, and collaboration with your team than Jira.

"It's the humans behind the genius apps like these that you know it's going to be successful not only based on their roadmap but their relationship to care about their customers." - J. Smith

Time is expensive. Be Agile!

Jira has a fancy onboard tutorial right at the introduction to teach you how to set up things. Compared to GitScrum, you will find the workspace set up is as easy and straightforward to use as clicking feel buttons, you don't need any tutorial.

- Create your projects in a simple interface;
- Follow your tasks in simple Kanban boards;
- Start making your team sprints at ease.

"I love the simplicity of this product. You can easily see what status all projects have while simultaneously making simple adjustments to your own." - Marshall

Focus on work and team collaboration

Focus on work and collaboration, organize tasks, then measure the results. That’s complex on Jira. Why get lost between complex features, if you can choose something simpler?

"I feel Jira gets bashed more because of its zillion features and options to customize and the zealousness of people to use all of it. So after a while, the focus shifts from agility to features in Jira." - Dennis

On GitScrum all the features you need are fully and perfectly integrated and at hand for:

- Time tracking to measure your time doing tasks;
- Mind maps to brainstorm ideas;
- Discussions feature for better communications with your team.

"I am just getting started with the tool [GitScrum], and I love that it's so intuitive and easy to use. The free and pre-designed templates are a great starting point. Looking forward to seeing the tool evolve, but it's pretty complete from what I can see." - A. Harji

Stop complicating your life with JIRA

It seems like it takes you a "doctor's degree" in Project Management to use the features and set up the platform for your projects on Jira. The best Agile option has to be easy and quick to use, and most importantly, you don't need an Agile PM University to learn how to use it.

- Work with Agile to optimize your workflow;
- Follow your progress up the overview board;
- Have fun at work with gamification

"I love GitScrum. It is a solid platform out of the gate. Great features, great founder, and great future. I highly recommend this tool not just to developers but to any team working on any project. Study the SCRUM methodology to unlock the true power of this tool fully" - G. Toole

We respect your projects and your budget

Using Jira, you pay per user, which can add up to a huge payment fee every month. Scrap huge expenses, and enjoy our affordable offers. GitScrum offers a perfect plan for every kind of team.

GitScrum subscription plans are affordable for any team, still ensuring the Agile experience that higher-scale Tech Companies practice every day.

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"I love the simplicity of this product. You can easily see what status all projects have while simultaneously making simple adjustments to your own." - J. Doe

Give GitScrum A Try as the best Jira alternative for SCRUM & Agile, and don't be disappointed

Start using GitScrum for Agile and Scrum and know why it is way better to improve productivity, agility, and collaboration with your team than Jira.