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The Truth about Trello to manage Agile Projects

GitScrum’s been designed to replace the expensive tools. Boost productivity and make complex projects stress-free with a Agile Project Management tool!

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Huge as your business vision, our platform allows you to include limitless projects, as long as you have new ideas to put into practice.

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If you work with Agile and Scrum, these are some points you should consider before choosing Trello to manage your projects: Trello is the most popular task management software out there.

The question is… Can Trello deliver an optimized experience on Agile to support the world’s most renowned companies’ project management routines today, such as Spotify, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon? Here are some facts, but the short answer is no.

Trello is just for task management

It takes more than Trello’s digital kanban board for effective project management. Get more advanced collaboration features using a true project management tool.

Limitations For Agile & Scrum Workflow Customizatio

Trello has limited customizing and communication options. Stand by a smart management tool that offers you a complete range of features so you can keep in charge of your project’s outcomes.

Essential Measurement Features missing on Trello

Trello has no user stories, no reports, no track record. At the most, just general charts with task scores. If you want professional improvement to skyrocket your productivity, you must measure results, track task to task evolution and reach the best team goals.

Presenting The Best Trello Alternative For Agile & Scrum!
Welcome GitScrum

GitScrum is the best Trello alternative for agile project management tools for businesses, agencies, freelancers, Start-ups, and all kinds of teams. Here is why:

The #1 Agile Project Management Tool

All the tools you need to be successful with Agile with your team just like big tech companies and Startups do:

- Kanban boards to manage your tasks efficiently;
- Customizable tasks in project's workflow for your Agile needs, with tasks’ checklists, labels, deadlines, task templates, and more;
- Better integration for team communication and collaboration.

Sprints and Daily Tasks Enabled

Have a more easy-going process working with your team by including tasks and project goals on GitScrum, while you develop a new product idea, marketing campaigns, creative design, and even more to reach your vision.

- Use Gantt charts for time frame control and meet important deadlines;
- Brainstorm with visual mind maps;
- Customize task checklists for Agile in an intuitive way.

Measure results and increase productivity

Can Trello tell if you’re working better or faster than the previous week? NO!

GitScrum empowers accurate time feedback data about work, so you can make wiser decisions to improve your team performance with Agile.

- Time tracking per task;
- Scrum Burndown to align expected results with reality;
- Overview with real-time workflow improvements.

New features are added constantly

We are the right project management tool to skyrocket your team’s productivity with Agile.

Take charge of your workflow with a trustworthy project management tool to reach great results:

- Additional Agile features constantly;
- Updating integrations with your favorite working apps;
- More than 120 features for your project workflow.

All these in a cost-effective solution! Don’t break your budget with a Project Management Tool!

When exceeding their free limited version and choosing premium solutions, Trello charges you per user...

The Trello business plan can cost US$ 119.99 annually per user, or more, if you pay them every month… Imagine this for a team of just 10 people? That's U$1,199.99 just for using Trello with your team.

GitScrum offers you a better deal than any other Project management Tool could.

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