GitScrum Ambassadors

Ambassador Program

Our program aims to gather GitScrum users to promote and make evolve the community. The Ambassador will benefit from free license to GitScrum Starter Plan as well as exposure in their environment.

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Free for Ambassadors

The Ambassador will receive a license to use GitScrum Starter Plan (“Free License”).

Exclusive Events

Occasionally, GitScrum can organize local events to which the Ambassadors can be invited.

Gitscrum Power

The Ambassador shall have the right to use the GitScrum Logo to promote or qualify their profile

Our Ambassadors

  • Alex Hsi - GitScrum Ambassador

    “I’m working with scrum, and I would like to share my experience and receive tips from other in the community”

    Alex Hsi

    Oslo, Norway – CEO

  • Mário Lúcio Guedes Côrtes- GitScrum Ambassador

    “I’m an enthusiast of using Scrum in projects and so would like to know and contribute to the improvements and innovations in GitScrum”

    Mário Lúcio Guedes Côrtes

    Lisbon, Portugal – Project Manager

  • Tomás Flores - GitScrum Ambassador

    “GitScrum it’s a tool which is useful for work, where I contributed with a small fix but useful, so i think GitScrum can do better than others programs similar with help the community”

    Tomás Flores

    Santiago, Chile – CEO

  • Luciano Blanco - GitScrum Ambassador

    “I would like to teach and spread the agile culture for many people of IT community, not only developers, but all teams members. Here in Brazil haven’t projects like yours. This is one of lot of reasons that interested”

    Luciano Blanco

    São Paulo, Brazil – Solution Architect

Community Stronger & Grow Together

The Ambassador shall also have the right to suggest variations, additions, improvements, and adaptation of GitScrum. These suggestions will be processed with priority compared to other user’s feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I sent my Ambassador request, how long until the return of GitScrum?

The GitScrum team will give you feedback in up to 48 hours (working days) through a registered email.Only candidates who have been accepted into the program will be contacted.

What qualifications does a GitScrum ambassador need?

The program is for developers, scrum masters, designers, product owners and all that are passionate about agile and high performance. Interest in contributing to GitScrum.

I just use GitScrum, can I still become an ambassador?

Yes. The program is aimed primarily at clients that are passionate about GitScrum and who are willing to contribute to the proclaim of the brand.

What will be my time commitment and obligations as a GitScrum ambassador?

We do not require time dedicated to the program. We want this process to be natural on the part of the Ambassador, either by referring to friends, by posting on social networks, or by writing articles or videos related to GitScrum.