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Glossary – Personas
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Glossary – Personas

What are personas?

A “Persona” consists in the creation of detailed fictitious biographies of a pretend user in order to understand and attend to the needs of a supposed customer.
Personas are concise and visual; a common layout is a single page including a photograph, usually stock images, a name and social or professional details, like: “Brianna sons, 27, product owner on a high-end distributor(…)”, and so on.

Since a software product is usually created for more than one type of user, that may potentially have different preferences and expectations of the product, the team creates one persona for each category it deems important to serve well and these biographies are displayed in the team room.

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Concisely, a persona is used to help the designer that ends up killing the product by trying to please everyone.

This persona provides the designer an anchor for justifying design choices instead of appealing to vague notions of easier product usage by asking the right questions “what would Brianna do?” or “will David understand this concept?”.
Since personas are part of the team’s shared assumptions, each team member is made aware of the consequences of design choices. Knowing who is going to use the app, a developer will try to find an easier, more practical and functional way of displaying the desired application.

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However, don’t get this technique mixed up with other conceptual tools used in defining software requirements or in product marketing, they shouldn’t be labeled as “user roles” like a salesperson or an administrator, primarily defined in terms of tasks or job descriptions; personas put the emphasis on goals and behaviors
they are not defined in term of demographic attributes, personas are users and not buyers.