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Glossary – Version Control
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Glossary – Version Control

The expression “Version control” is not necessarily rooted in the Agile “practice”. This expression is now, fortunately, widespread in the industry as a whole.
It may, however, be mentioned here for several reasons.

Even though they are very rare, we may still occasionally stumble across a team with outdated version control tools or practices, and even teams who haven’t adopted version control tools at all.
Version control is not only a good practice but also works as an enabler of a number of Agile practices, such as “continuous integration”.
The Agile community leans toward a particular type of tools and practices, namely the same as the Open Source community: systems that afford concurrent work, and more recently favoring distributed over centralized models.
It is therefore beneficial for an Agile team to explicitly reflect on its version control policies and infrastructure, and ensure that the team and the engineering practices really do work out together.

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