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How to Become an Agile Freelancer?

GitScrum Agile Freelancer

We get many questions about how to become a (better) Project Manager, specially from freelancers looking to work smarter! For all of you out there: you are in the right place.

One of the biggest challenges for freelancers is to find the next gig in this massive gig economy. But how to spend time chasing the next client if you are already with a job?

Try the GitScrum tool and start having better results for your goals.

One of the biggest challenges for freelancers is to find the next gig in this massive gig economy. But how to spend time chasing the next client if you are already with a job?

The answer is: work smarter, do more with less so that new clients can be acquired. This will increase your operational profitability per project. OK, great! But how?

Scrum is a great framework

One of the most efficient Project Management methodologies is the Scrum framework. The good news is that it is also applicable to improve freelancers daily tasks.

GitScrum is a powerful and Agile enabled Project Manage software tailor made to any freelancer out there that needs to work more effectively. It was built to plan and manage work and projects, the daily routine of freelancers, and even clients (and any other stakeholder).

You need to model your workflow

A freelancer usually takes on many roles in the same project. GitScrum can help you to switch among them in order to achieve new levels of productivity!

GitScrum Agile Freelancer Team
The talented working bee

Team Members are simply the ones who perform the tasks. Their main role is to make sure the project is completed on time. Through performing tasks and beating their own targets.

GitScrum Agile Scrum Master
The focused one

The Product Owner is the one that manages the Product Backlog and item prioritization. They provides the focus in a project and removes any scope creep during Sprints. Change is welcome but they need to be outside a Sprint. Focus. Focus. Focus.

GitScrum Agile Scrum Master
The one with the vision

The Scrum Master is the facilitator of an Agile Team. They are responsible for making sure the Scrum values are observed. They also manage the process for how information is exchanged. What does it mean?

They lead a daily meeting called “the Daily Scrum” and his main focus to to remove any obstacles that may compromise the execution of the Project tasks

Agile Obstacles

Life Happens

Simple exemple: someone’s daughter is sick and a Team Member can't perform his duties. The solution may be enabling that Team Member to work from home (providing a laptop) or even asking the team to perform other tasks that do not depend on that Team Member.

It has always been like that

Or another classic obstacle (or impediment) is: often the team is aware of issues but have become so accustomed to working around them that they have simply written them off as “that’s how things will always be”. It can take an adept Scrum Master to detect these impediments since the team has often become so used to dealing with them they no longer even bother to mention them at the daily standup.


They are hard. Unlike easier to spot problems as the two mentioned above, landmine problems are always disguised. They may blow up or not. The Scrum Master needs to judge if they pose minimal risk and move on, or deal with the Landmines, and the costs can be high.

To make things even tougher, it’s not uncommon for a team to be initially resistive when a Scrum Master first attempts to point out landmines to the the team. This means that a Scrum Master must have a sensitive touch when coaching their team to identify and to remove this particular type of impediment.

The role of a Scrum Master is typically performed by a Project Manager or a Technical Leader, but it could be any Team Member as well


The Agile Freelancer is autonomous and performs all the main roles (Product Owner, Team Member and Scrum Master) of an Agile Project. The Agile Freelancer, in order to Project Manage his life like a boss, needs to have the Project Management vision of a Scrum Master, the Focus of a Product Owner, and the Execution capabilities of the Team Member.

GitScrum Board Planning

The less time you waste in search of information, the higher your performance will be. Try GitScrum now!

The Agile Manifesto and key principles

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools;
  2. Working deliverable over comprehensive documentation;
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation;
  4. Responding to change over following a plan.


Agile has the ability to change the direction of the project as necessary, based on feedback and external variations. The tasks are assigned in a way that there is a focus on the job that adds more value to the product, whether that would be new features or the optimization of something that was already created.

Adaptability on GitScrum

  1. It enables you to monitor the work time of all members of the team;
  2. Follow-up on the team’s daily tasks through board planning;
  3. Quick view of opportunities and evolution;
  4. Clear cost estimation per client.


Since Agile focuses on constant periodization, the approach will help determine where the immediate tactical tasks are, as opposed to a potentially urgent strategic initiative, which fits into the board planning’s priority list. The consistent revaluation assures that all your tasks are aligned to the priorities.

Change pace

With implemented Agile methods, this can define short-term goals and quickly deliver high priority items. This is especially advantageous when the demand of the market is quickly changing. Agile can help freelancers gain competitiveness, besides an advantage over the competition that tries to reach perfection. Keeping a roadmap with the necessary initiatives and constantly prioritizing them against the other enables the activities to react to changes as they happen.


The principle of speed shows that the team must be focused on generating maximum value. The freelancer doesn’t need to wait for all elements to be ready to start executing the task. Over time and when necessary, new improvements can be added.

Appying GitScrum and Agile to an Agile Freelancer

An Agile Freelancer’s work is guided by the Board Planning. Each Task is represented by a Card that can move across the “Board Planning” according to the progress towards conclusion. That way, each “CARD” has the specific information of a task, and when you click on it, you will be able to see details such as “Checklists,” “Attachments,” “Comments,” and “Time Tracking”. Try GitScrum for free now

GitScrum Chechlists


When managing a task on the “Board Planning,” you can create checklists with the tasks that need to be completed, such as:

  1. Call customer;
  2. Prepare the briefing;
  3. Send a proposal;
  4. Get customer feedback;
  5. Send the portfolio;

Time tracking

In the “Time tracking” section of a “CARD,” you can record the time spent for each task according to its evolution. That is, to each interaction with a certain task, you insert the “Start” and “End” and GitScrum always gives you the total amount of time invest in each task’s “CARD.” That way, it is possible to quickly understand which task is taking the most or the least time from the team.


To facilitate the daily planning of Agile Freelancer and to streamline the prioritization of tasks, you can use the date fields to define the “Start Date,” and the “Due Date,” showing the timebox this task will have to be completed.


GitScrum optimizes your self-organization as an Agile Freelancer. Add files to tasks and use that to keep updated specifications or files sent by the clients. GitScrum has unlimited storage.

Starting a team!

GitScrum Chechlists

With the project’s high demand, an Agile Freelancer may need to hire more professionals to their projects with the aim to increase the number of active projects and clients. GitScrum enables you to create teams by projects and to invite teammates and clients to follow-up on projects. We have a robust permission system for projects.

The Agile model is rooted in the principle of open and honest communication. The deployment of regular paces and the maintenance of open communication channels enable Agile Freelancer to give an accurate visibility of the challenges within the project.

Agile Freelancer must make the team grow efficiently. By using the “Discussions” feature, you can keep a strong knowledge base for future members.

As a way to optimize the communication among your team or clients, in all tasks, you can easily mention people on the “Comments.” For example, in a task that needs the client’s approval, the client will get an email if he/she is mentioned.

Get notified on completed tasks

You can set up email notifications, and also through Slack and/or Discord, every time an activity is created or completed, you will receive a notification. You can use Slack or Discord integration to notify a certain client about the progress of the tasks within a project.

Board Planning, visual work

On GitScrum, you can view the entire workflow inside the Board Planning, besides being able to share it with clients through public addresses. Have the flexibility and agility to move the tasks within the projects in a completely visual way.

Tasks organized by clients

The Agile Freelancer deals with many Clients (stakeholders) simultaneously, and GitScrum is seamless for the management of the work in an exclusive project-by-project view, in which the client can keep up with the daily routine of a job.

“User Story” is the description of a deliverable that the client wishes to get. User Story is one of the Requirements described without using technical terms. The success of a project is on understanding the client requirements, and user stories are excellent tools for that.

Besides, the Agile Freelancer must use the User Story to group the tasks, and like that, all it takes is to assign who will execute each task, and then you can still see the personalized “Board Planning” for each “User story”.

Tasks sorted by “Type”

Sort each task by “Task Type,” which facilitates their identification and filtering. An Agile Freelancer can have a Task Type for each service, such as “Social Media,” “Copy,” “Development,” “Meeting with client,” “Proposals and documents”.

Prioritization with “labels”

The “task labels” categorize the relevant information about the tasks. The task labels can show an urgent situation, such as an “Urgency” label. This is a very interesting feature to generate visual information.

Goal management with sprint

An Agile Freelancer’s time management is a key factor for the development of the daily work, and it directly implies the profitability of the projects. The project can be divided among one or more Sprints of up to one month each. GitScrum enables you to assign tasks to the Sprint and measure the results in real time.

Burndown Charts

The “Sprint Burndown Chart” shows a descending line represented by the ideal pace that tasks must be completed during the sprint so that the entire planned work is finished within the defined deadline. A second line shows in real time the tasks completed when compared to the ideal time, which enables a visual analysis to identify if the work is advanced, late, or on time.

Relevant Metrics

At the end of each Sprint, or whenever you’d like, the Agile Freelancer can extract reports of the hours worked in an Excel format. Besides reports for performance analysis, if you are working with a team, you can monitor what are the team members with the most tasks, which ones have more concluded tasks, and you can also view on a glance year chart which tasks were created and completed over time.

GitScrum enables the freelancer to manage the projects simply, obtaining higher performance and profitability. With the White Label version, you can customize the domain and branding.

Try the GitScrum tool and start having better results for your business.

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