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How to Measure Team Performance

Teams are groups of people working to together with a final objective in mind. Measure team performance is one of the most important aspects in a business.

GitScrum Measure Team Performance

By doing this, people understand better their goals and what is expected about team performance and can work focused to achieve it. As a consequence, the whole work environment becomes positive and people start collaborating to one another.

Using a tool to help team performance measurement is a great option, considering transparency and visualization are essential to boost motivation and energy.

GitScrum is a perfect tool for team managers and team members to share information, track activities and establish expectations, deadlines and goals.

How to build a great team performance

The first thing to do is to understand which characteristics are important to have a high-performance team, and after start working to measure and track your team performance.

Therefore, here is a list of important aspects to consider when building great team performance:

All team members must share a common vision

When a project starts, everyone involved in it must receive the instructions and understand what are the expected results regarding individual and team performance.

After doing this, the whole team will share the same vision, with the same final objectives, and will be able to collaborate and work to accomplish it.

The team performance goals must be divided into smaller fragments

By having the final objective in mind, it is important to delegate tasks, define smaller deadlines and start tracking the individual tasks.

In order to be effective in this step and have a good team performance, the use of software helps a lot. Imagine the time and energy spent to separate all tasks among team members and need to remember it or executing manual follow ups.

GitScrum has great team performance solutions to transform common teams in high-performance teams by organizing and keeping track of deliveries and results.

The whole team must engage and thrive for productivity

It’s no news that people work better when they have clear individual and team performance goals and are motivated. To have great team performance, it’s important that all team members are engaged to the small and big objectives.

In order to have engaged teams an open communication, transparency and positive relationships are essential.

As a consequence, productivity will come because tasks will be completed more rapidly and with higher quality.

To boost these results, GitScrum offers the best functionalities such as planning boards, task checklists custom templates, time tracking and many others.

Try GitScrum for free and see how your productivity increase.

How to maintain a teamwork performance review

The process of conducting team performance review is a delicate stage, but it must be done with a certain frequency. In agile projects, it happens more than normal projects, but it doesn’t matter the type of teamwork, the team performance review needs to happen.

After working and dedicating to a project, the best way to complete a project is by evaluating the best practices and to understand any drawbacks that must be corrected for a next stage of the work.

In order to help you organize a team performance review, there are a few steps to be followed:

Assess from the team performance and individual performance goals

By revising the goals before, it is possible to remember what was expected and then compare to the results.

If people simply start a review with their feelings about the completed tasks, it is easy to be biased and even unfair to others. On the other hand, if a member of the team has performed an excellent job in the last days or weeks, a project manager may remember only about the final parts of the project, instead of revising it from the start.

This is why it’s important to have reviews more frequently and guarantee all goals are being checked, as well the collaboration and efforts of each person.

By working with GitScrum it becomes easy to organize team performance reviews and understand the highlights and gaps of the project.

All team members must be evaluated

Besides revising the team performance as a whole, in a group discussion, to understand how the team is working together and what are the best results, all team members must be interviewed and have their chance to receive and give feedback.

Something important here is that some people may not talk about everything in front of the big group, so this is the opportunity to really understand how the project organization and execution was for everyone.

Using this moment, a project manager should listen to the details about the collaboration, sharing of information and results achieved.

Plan for the next project or stage of a current project

The final outcome of a team performance review is to have insights about the next steps. Be it for the next project or to continue the work in a current job.

If the team performance review is not carried out, there are high chances that many important aspects are missed. However, using this moment as a tool for learning and improving team performance is more important.

It is not enough to just talk to everyone and write down the feedbacks and insights. These information must be used strategically to improve the whole team performance and experience.

Why having a team performance assessment tool with GitScrum

As already mentioned before, when a project counts on high quality tools such as GitScrum, results can be much better as well as productivity

By using GitScrum, team members are able to understand in detail how the simplest task affects the final result. And with that understanding, the whole team performance increases.

Try GitScrum it for free and understand the benefits.

How the performance assessment GitScrum tool can add to your business

When a whole company with several projects, or event for a freelancer working to deliver smaller projects, the boost in productivity and performance is the key for success.

By having this, people get more motivated and understand the real impact of their actions regarding a project. But in order to have the best outcomes, all stages must be followed.

From the planning, going through execution and performance assessment. Following these steps is a guarantee that team performance is increased and the best results achieved.

In order to have it, start using GitScrum and understand all the benefits that a complete team performance assessment platform can offer to your team.

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