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Public and Private projects on GitScrum

Public and Private projects on GitScrum

What’s GitScrum Public and Private projects?

Private project is great for your agile team that uses the Scrum framework

Public projects can be seen by anyone.

When a project is marked as “public” anyone can access every section of your project and view its content. The public projects are in read-only mode for everybody. Projects that are public can be used to showcase your work and expose your project plan, project backlog and current development status.

Scrum - Create a Project

Private projects are accessible only by the individuals who are granted access by the project administrators.

Only those who are members of the project can view its content.

Visibility: A project’s visibility defines if a GitScrum user can or not access your project. If the setting was defined as a public project, any GitScrum user can see that project. Therefore, if you wish to have more privacy and secrecy, choose to create a private project, and like that, only those that you allow will be able to access your project. Learn more about private projects

* Only in a paid account you can change a repository’s visibility from public to private if you’re a company owner or have admin permissions for the repository.

For the Business plan the private projects is unlimited. See our plans.