GitScrum Board

Track tasks, collaborate and marvel at how the progress in real-time

Our Board is an incredible visual tool that provides an overview of the current work status, designed to simplify team communication and efficiency in performing tasks.

Inside the GitScrum Board, the workflow is displayed as a sequence of steps representing tasks from the beginning to the end of the project.

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Never waste time finding a task again

Our advanced filters are an easy way to locate tasks quickly on the project board. You can filter tasks by name, start date, due date, team members assigned, task labels, and many other parameters.

Background Image
Choose the background image for each project board.
Time Tracking
Keep track of the time spent on each task.
Shareable Board
Share project progress with users outside the company.
Task Labels
Classify tasks with custom color-coded labels.
Real-time Progress
Monitoring progress is the best way to align expectations.
Task Effort
Set the start date and the due date for each task.