Collaboration on GitScrum

''The results of Scrum, the project goal, are teams greatly improving their productivity (...) It's about working as a team, collaborating with each other for the best result'' - Jeff Sutherland

Collaboration on GitScrum

The project management tool GitScrum was based on the Scrum methodology (used mainly for product and project development ), and like Scrum, the tool is based on the collaboration of team members. Therefore, being able to collaborate is one of the main features of this tool. 

And now you must be wondering how it is possible to collaborate through the GitScrum tool, during this article we will explain to you.

Leading a project 

A project is only as good as the team that develops it. And a team is only as good as the one who leads them. 

One of the ways to collaborate with a team within GitScrum is to handle the leadership of the project.

1. Distribute tasks: you can, within GitScrum, create the tasks, in the mainboard, that need to be done that day, week, or month and distribute them to the different members of your superteam.

2. Commenting on tasks: in every task, it is possible to leave comments for the person who will produce the material. In the comment space, explain how it should be done, put examples, and the most important, when the task is delivered give feedback to the member, if it is good, praise it (this is good for the team’s self-esteem) if it is not as it should be done, explain it in a way that does not offend. Your job is to inspire the members.

3. Create different labels: one of the main functions of a good leader is to organize the project well. With the GitScrum tool, this function becomes easier, you can create different labels to differentiate the types of tasks that should be performed.

4. Follow up on the deliveries: through the “overview” part of the tool, you can see numerically how many % each member has delivered on the tasks. In addition, you can see how much of the project has been done and much more.

These are 4 of the countless ways you can collaborate with your team by being a leader! 

Using GitScrum makes your project management more agile, your team more efficient and your company more productive.

Being a project member

Now I will tell you how you can collaborate with your team:

  • Be an active member: when you are an active member you stand out. Collaborate with your team by commenting on assignments, in discussion forums, attaching files, links, and reference videos to help your teammates produce better. 

  • Attach files, links, and videos: within GitScrum you can, in each of the different tasks, attach documents, files, links, and videos that can be used for reference by both you and other team members. This way you make the project management much more agile. 

  • Participate and create discussion forums: one of GitScrum’s features is to be able to create discussion forums so that members can interact with each other and think together about the issues surrounding the project.  If you have any questions, create a forum, talk to the team members. If a colleague has a question, answer it in the forum. 

With collaboration, you and your team go further!

Bonuses you will find at GitScrum

I will tell you the truth, to be really competitive in the market, whatever your field is, you need to have the best employees you can hire, and not just from your region or country, but from the WORLD.

And for all members to be able to integrate, share knowledge, and collaborate with each other, you need a tool that makes this possible. And yes, GitScrum is that tool because it is available in more than 10 languages, so everyone can use it regardless of the country they are in. 

Gitscrum: the project management tool that will take your company to the next level.


Collaborate with your team!


  1. Distributing tasks;
  2. Commenting on tasks;
  3. Tracking deliveries;
  4. Organizing the board with different labels;
  5. Coordinating the time!


  1. Helping colleagues;
  2. Creating discussion forums;
  3. Participating in the discussion forums;
  4. Attaching documents, links, and videos!

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