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Companies on GitScrum

The main goal is to demonstrate everything that can be done in the company, especially the invites;

# What is it and how does it work?

Your user account GitScrum will be linked to a company from the moment you sign up on the platform, when you fill the “Company name” field on the registry form, as shown in the image below. In this material, you will understand everything about your “Company” on GitScrum, which is responsible for grouping all your projects.

# Understanding the best practices

It is important to understand that every user account on GitScrum will be linked to a Company, and that this registry represents your team in the platform. Your team can be made up by a large group or just you. Therefore, GitScrum can be used by large corporations, as well as small companies, startups, freelancers, study groups, and many other types of organizations.

As you can see in the image below, as soon as your account is created, you register your username and company to a usage plan, which is linked to this new company. This plan is “Personal FREE,” which is used for personal purposes. You can continue with this plan (which enables you to create projects, become a member of other projects, and of other teams), or select a new one that meets your needs (see it at the end of the material).

# Main company settings

The companies on GitScrum can have some settings that are defined by the user, as well as data that can be filled out to generate more complete registries in the platform.

To access a company’s setting page, you must click on your avatar at the upper right menu (Step 01), and then open the settings page of your profile (Step 02) as you can see on the image below.

As soon as you are in your profile’s setting page, you can access the company settings by clicking on its name, as shown in the image below.

From this moment on, you will be able to manage all the company information, such as Logo (highlighted in the image as Item A), Name (Item B), Description (Item C), customizing your GitScrum. You can still set up whether the members of your team can have direct access to the GitScrum support team at the “Chat” option (Item D).

# Inviting team members to GitScrum

If you are a GitScrum user, it means that you value project management and team efficiency. One very important step to extract the maximum out of what GitScrum has to offer is to set up a team in the platform.

Each member of your team will need to have a GitScrum account and you can send invitations so that they can sign up and be linked to your Company. To send invitations, you need to access your company’s settings page, and then click on the “Invite Teammates” link, as you can see on the image below.

At this moment, you will be redirected to the team management page, and in this page, you can set, for each user linked to your company, whether they can create projects in the company (Shown by letter B in the image below) and you can also remove a user by following Indication C in the image. Still in this screen, you can access the page that enables you to send invitations, so you can click on “Invite Members” as shown on indication A.

By clicking on “Invite Members,” you will be at the invitation management page of your company. In this moment, you have access to the following information: The number of invitations that still haven’t been accepted (displayed on the image below by the letter B); The number of confirmed users in your Company (shown by letter C); The number of users that your plan allows you to add to your company;

To invite new members to the Company, just type the full name and email address of the person that you want to invite, and then click on “Confirm.” All of that in the area highlighted on the image below as indicator A, which is also available in the side menu of your homepage, which shows your list of projects.

It is important to highlight that the members of the team can and should later be listed as members of the projects’ teams, so that they can view, access, and use the projects. That way, each member of your company will have access only to the projects to which their access is allowed, and this setup is done by linking them as a member of the project team.

# How to change your company’s plan

Does your company need more private projects or more users? GitScrum offers different subscription plans with different capacities, so that your need is always met in the best way possible. Therefore, when it’s time for an upgrade, don’t worry, because it is a very simple process.

If you are using the “Personal FREE” plan, which is the standard plan for every account created on GitScrum, and you wish to change the plan, just click on your avatar at the upper menu (Step 01), and then select the “Subscription” menu (Step 02), and then you will be directed to the page where you can see the available plans and upgrade your account.

# Downloading subscription invoices

GitScrum enables each invoice generated for a certain account to be downloaded in a PDF format. After paying an invoice generated by the system, it will be available for download, and for that, just click on your avatar (Step 01), and then select the “Subscription” menu (Step 02). You will be directed to a page where you can see all the invoices generated for your account, and you will be able to download an invoice as shown on the images below.