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How to create quick tasks in the project?

You can create tasks on GitScrum in a very simple and quick way.

The first step is, from the access page of your project, access the “Project Options” menu shown by number 1 on the image below, and then click on the option “Create Task” shown by number 2.

Task Title
In this field, you must register the task title in a way that the identification of the work that needs to be performed is clear.

In this field, you can document the work that needs to be executed in details. It works as a support material for the person who will be later working in this activity.

The type must be selected to identify how the work is being divided. Using this field enables the identification of the work that needs to be done and later, generates accurate reports and charts regarding the activity in the platform.

In this field, you must fill out the estimated effort for the task. It is important to highlight that the effort field, as well as the type field, can be set up for each project. That is, you can have a list with effort options and task types for each project, and you will see how to set it up in another section.

Assigned to
In this field, you must select the members of the project that must work in this activity. Note that it is possible to assign more than one member to each task.

Bug and Draft
When finishing the setup of your ask, you can classify it as a “bug”, which is extremely recommended for correction activities since later, it is possible to visualize metrics such as the bug rate of your project, for example. And you can also classify the task as a draft, and in this case, the task will be only visible when you have this setup.

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