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How to edit the project’s basic data?

If you wish to update any basic data of your project among those that you informed during the project registration, you just need to follow two very simple steps.

From any screen you are navigating in the project you want to edit, click on the “Settings” menu shown on the image below, and you will see the screen where you can update your data. On this screen, you can also set up some options for your project.

In this case, the information wasn’t collected at the initial project setup, and the following options are available in the registry page:

Show task identifier: When this option is active, all your tasks in the project will be displayed with a prefix in your name. For example, for the “Bake the cake” task, when this option is active, it will be shown as “#TK-1 Bake the Care”. Note that the number is automatically generated.

Maximum WIP per user: In this field, you can define what is the maximum number of tasks that a user can keep active. That is, the total tasks someone can perform at once.

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