Agile Project Management Tool for growing businesses

What is it and how does it work?

GitScrum is a project management tool for agile teams.

The start of the workflow in GitScrum is considered as the moment a user creates a new project in their account. On GitScrum, the projects are elements that derive from a company, which are owned by users.

You can access this list with more details in another material, but at this point, it is enough to know that by having a user account in the platform, you are already able to create new projects.

Understanding the best practices

Bibliography regarding Project Management state that a project is elementary made up by five pillars, which are: Time, the Resources involved, the Scope of the job, the Goal of the project and your Need.

Each of these elements has an important role during the life of a project, and badly estimated resources can lead to crises and urgent needs with a high degree of difficulty to react to them, a badly designed scope or with a poor requirement survey can lead to great divergences during the project releases, which in extreme cases, lead the project to be terminated even before its conclusion.

The fact is that projects, when planned, are in a generous range of success indexes, and that is why on GitScrum the scope and schedule planning processes can be developed simply and practically, from the ground zero of your project, and we will see how below.

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