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User Profile on GitScrum

The main goal is to present the possibilities regarding the user profile;

# What is it and how does it work?

GitScrum is a platform developed for quick people. GitScrum’s great mission is to take methodologies and tools that collaborate to the daily lives of people that compose quick projects, turning each of these people into quick, high-performance professionals.

# Understanding the good practices

Always keep your user registry updated in the platform. That way, people that are part of the teams from which you are a member, either or not you are a manager, will find it easier to identify what you do in the project, which also facilitates the access to your profile by the other users.

# Managing your profile

To access your profile in GitScrum, you must be logged in to the system, and then from the upper menu, click on the avatar located on the right corner of the menu as shown by Step 01 in the image, and then click on the “Profile” option, as you can see in the image below.

By accessing the page of your profile, you can see three sections regarding your GitScrum account in the interaction aspect in the platform, which is shown in the image below, and it’s worth learning about each one.

A: In this first field, you can see the summary of your account. Therefore, your avatar, name, and professional headline. Still in this area, you can view how many visits your profile has received ever since you signed up to GitScrum, along with the total number of projects you have been a part of, either as a member or manager.

B: On section B, you can view a list of the users that visited your profile in GitScrum. You can access these people’s profiles by clicking on their names.

C: On section C, you can graphically view your contribution rhythm in projects in GitScrum for the last year. In summary, you can see how many tasks were completed by you, and in the graphics display, the daily number is shown.

Still on this page, you can manage relevant information to your profile in GitScrum. Write the summary of your professional profile, register your main skills, and you can also add your professional experience.

# Interaction among the team

GitScrum enables its users to interact during the workflow, so that the work is more fluid. With a properly registered and updated profile, your colleagues will easily find you when they need to mention your username in a task or another area on GitScrum.

You can mention the people who are in your team through text fields by typing the character @, and then you will see a list of the users who are part of the same projects as you, as you can see on the image below.

When a user is mentioned in GitScrum, the platform notifies the mentioned user through the notifications available on the upper menu, as well as via email. That way, GitScrum delivers your message to those who need to see it.