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Public and Private projects

What’s GitScrum Public and Private projects?

In a nutshell, public projects allow everyone in the world to access projects with read-only mode, while private projects only invited company members have access to the project, except company owners, who always have full access to projects private.

This documentation will clarify about Public and Private projects.

Show your public project to the world

When a project is marked as “public” anyone can access every section of your project and view its content. The public projects are in read-only mode for everybody.

Projects that are public can be used to showcase your work and expose your project plan, project backlog and current development status.

Making a project public is simple, just go to the Project Settings and after you must check the option "Public Project".

* To access Project Settings you must be a Project Admin or Company Owner

Create a Project

By default, when creating a project your visibility is set to Private Project, but don't worry, you can deselect the option and make it a public project.

Therefore, if you wish to have more privacy and secrecy, choose to create a Private Project, and like that, only those that you allow will be able to access your project.