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Team Performance
Gitscrum metrics to know immediately if you are on track, and make adjustments on the fly.

Scrum Metrics
Measure team behaviors using work in progress, defect detected, charts and others.

Create sprints of two weeks or one month during which a potentially releasable product is delivered.

User Stories
Allow the development team to focus their efforts on a complete piece of functionality.

Kanban boards
Move tasks like cards on a kanban board in order to take advantage of agile workflow.

Flexible workflows
Custom columns, there is no prescribed workflow to follow. Instead, you adjust it your needs.

Integrate with tools you already use

GitScrum Power

GitScrum Glance Year

GitScrum allows you to track project progress on the project and profile

Discovering individual and team performance helps you understand what you can improve to increase project performance even faster.

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Burndown Chart

Chart that shows how quickly you and your team are burning through your tasks manage its progress and respond accordingly.

Calendar Mode

Calendar view (daily, weekly or monthly) gives you high-level visibility into your tasks that have already been completed or scheduled.


Documents are used to manage project information can be synchronized with Dropbox or sent by users. Unlimited Storage.

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Public and Private projects
Time tracking
Project Dashboard
Calendar mode
Flexible workflows
Duplicate tasks

Task management
Kanban boards
Task Efforts
Burndown chart

Integration to Sync Tasks
Project roles
Glance year
Profile Skills
Profile Experience
Vote to User Stories and Tasks
Scrum Metrics
Slack Notifications
Tasks based on effort

User Stories with the MoSCoW
User Stories
Task with custom labels
Sync documents with Dropbox
Team Performance Chart
Block tasks
Project with Progress
Configure Project Params