Kanban to User Stories and Sprints

Our interface and user experience guarantees a very intuitive experience for non-tech users, without compromising the needs and demands of the technical members of the team

Transform your project into a game

Assist team management through individual skills and recognition of key individuals

Culture of Meritocracy and the IT team dream

Gamification is the new performance management

Control the project schedule and track its stages

GitScrum combines Git version control with Scrum methodology and Machine Learning techniques in order to analyze project data and assist in decision making.

User Stories




For non-technical

The Agile methodology was created to increase efficiency in software development processes.

Every time a company decides to adopt Agile, it needs to plan for a major cultural change. Implementing Agile successfully never happens overnight – because it must be applied to all levels of the organisation concerned with software development.

GitScrum is not only the best but also the fastest way to help you and your organization embrace Agile.