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Task Features

Inside each one of the tasks you include on GitScrum Board, there are several details you can fill, add and update. Set tasks’ deadline, start and end dates, assign them to one or more team members, type explanatory tips, add reference files, images, and YouTube videos. Everything to guide task completion.

Split assignments in smaller chunks inside each task.
Name teammates directly on tasks, to request prompt attention.
Track time
Measure time for tasks completion to determine their complexity.
Include supporting documents to help collaborators understand requests.
Due Dates
Determine deadlines, to keep the team’s task awareness.
Assign & Collaborate
Hold one or more responsible for a task, share it to work together.
Get notified of all task updates and accomplishments.
Guide task execution by describing details. Ask and answer questions.
Add reference YouTube videos to your tasks.
Sprints - Milestones
Relate your project stages to objectives that taste like victory, ordering tasks into GitScrum Sprints.
Identify your task status or priorities by colors.
Code Highlights
Include code snippets in your task descriptions to standardize and facilitate your development process.