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Think clearly by viewing tasks and projects in a kanban (board planning), list or calendar view. GitScrum helps you model your workflow so you focus in your client’s happiness.

White Label

It’s all about you, not about the tools you use! Impress your client and replace the GitScrum logo with your own and use a custom domain or subdomain. You are the coolest and your brand should be everywhere!

Task Checklists

Don't be a project management hostage! Create and track task progression without creating additional subtasks or smashing multiple reports together for a clear view.

Time Tracking

Know where the time drains are and deal with the blockers! See Time Tracking by user, team, task and project so you know how to allocate resources for timely delivery.

Shareable Boards

Sharing is loving. Invite your clients to your boards so they can view project status, collaborate and marvel at your progress in real-time. Over communication is love.

Stories and Efforts points

Create engagement using Stories so the team know the purpose of their work. They use non-technical language to provide context for the team. Story points are an abstract measure of effort required to implement a user story and task.

Templates for Workflow and others

Only you know how to run your company. If you have complex processes, create a custom template. From developers to lawyers and accountants, GitScrum “is water” and can be your way too - or the highway!

Labels your Tasks and Projects

Your company, your labels! Make classification simple with custom color-coded labels.

There's plenty more where these came from on roadmap!

High-grade security is our commitment

Storage Encryption

We encrypt your data using 256-bit AES encryption, one of the best and most secure block ciphers

Prompt Updates

We take your feedback seriously and make prompt updates to ensure a top-notch level of service

Database Encryption

The GitScrum database automatically encrypts your data and decrypts it before it’s retrieved