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Every project consists of a lot of focus, purpose-driven work, and a fast working pace. However, if there’s only one thing that conquers them all, it’s effective team communication and collaboration. And that’s what the Discussion feature is all about.

Exclusive place for team communication
Increase the bond between your team members, promote discussions about relevant topics concerning your projects, and reach your goals in a better way.
Talk just about your projects
Discussions are private places to talk about essential issues of tasks, improving your focus on work, instead of chats and conversation apps that are rather a distraction than something that helps you grow.
Thoughts only shared with your team
Start conversations about jobs that need to be done with your team to accomplish your project goals at Discussions. It is the ideal place to do that without hurting your productivity.

What does your team have to discuss, so your projects move forward?

Over-communication is more of a bad thing than good.

But what to do when there is so much distraction inside chat and conversation apps that end up nowhere, and you still want to find a way to communicate with your team and keep their projects monitorable, talking about topics that matter to get things done?

The solution is to move the essential discussions about each project inside the project management tool that help them focus on work.

That’s what the discussions feature is all about.

Move all the meaningful conversations about work inside Discussions talking about what matters to get things done in projects

Start using discussions for your projects inside the GitScrum Project Management Tool and have more control over communication that matters with your team.

White Label + Unlimited Users

Invite unlimited users (clients and teammates) to manage your projects and track progress.

Every project needs better communication
Talk about topics that help your projects move forward with your team.
What are you currently working on?
Start discussions with topics to know about what your team is currently doing.
From your discussion topics into action
Turn team conversations into actionable tasks and real-life results, moving your projects for completion and reach your goals more efficiently and more often.
There is a limit to conversations inside Discussions?
You can create unlimited topics using discussions for your projects to comment about essential issues with your team.
Are Discussions like a messaging app?
Discussion works more like a project forum with topics for transparent conversation among team members. Use it with your team for discussions in the context of the projects.
How can Discussions help my teamwork on my projects?
We believe a clear communication among team members about project issues helps them make better decisions, follow the right processes and reach the expected result. That leads to better projects done in the long run.
How to access Discussions inside GitScrum?
Most of the time, Discussions are enabled to be used on the project board. If not, You can allow discussions on project settings of the board.
Why Use Discussions?
If you want to communicate with your team, the right place to discuss has a relevant impact on the project’s flow. Discussions are a must for your project workflow using the GitScrum Project management tool.
Is my information safe using Discussion?
Yes, your information is safe by sharing the essential issues with your team on the project board because we use AWS Data centers such as the best security practices to keep what you share with your team using GitScrum just among you.