Turn forms into actionable tasks for your projects with Form2Task. That way, you stop wondering what to do, start asking intelligent questions, do better work based on the correct answers, and collaborate with your team to reach important project goals.

Questions that leads to results
Questions that leads to results

GitScrum Form2Task helps you work more effectively with your team based on answers directly from the forms.

Stop guessing and start doing
Stop guessing and start doing

Work and collaborate with your team on projects based on facts and accurate data that lead to actual life results instead of suppositions that get you nowhere.

Problem-solving tasks
Problem-solving tasks

After you collect data from your forms, it’s easy to work on tasks that come from real people’s needs.

Work on your project’s workflow the right way from start to finish with GitScrum Form2Task

You are a form of work on tasks that move your team projects forward with productivity and agility using GitScrum Form2Task.

The right way to start your tasks

Collaborate and work with your team on tasks that come from the essential form answers, coming up with suitable solutions for your end-user with your projects.

Create Tasks for your Agile framework directly from the GitScrum Form2Task, start working with them with your team, fix product issues based on user experience forms, or better organize the project to delegate the right task type for each team member.

With GitScrum Form2Task, you increase team collaboration, work based on a real foundation. You collect smart data directly from the right source, leading you to the most optimal results possible your projects can deliver.

White Label + Unlimited Users

Add unlimited users (clients and teammates) to manage your projects and track progress.

From user answers to workflow
Turn answers from your GitScrum Form2Task into user stories coming with creative ways to work on product features, delivering valuable results for the end-user.
Better task prioritization
Understand exactly what to do first when you start collecting answers from users, team members, stakeholders, and people worth listening to about work that needs to be done.
Efficiency, productivity, and focus
Work faster and better when your team clarifies the most fundamental answers for questions you have to ask before you start anything on your project’s workflow.
What is Form2Task?
Form2Task is a GitScrum feature you use to collect answers from people with mini forms and convert them into tasks you can add to your project’s workflow.
What is the value Form2Task brings to my work life?
We created the Form2Task feature to collect valuable and accurate information to base the tasks you work on in everyday projects, which means you can focus more on tasks that move you toward your goals and reach them and avoid tasks that get you nowhere.
Why use Form2Task?
We believe the tasks you do every day need to be based on information and data that clarifies what you have to do to reach your project’s goals. Form2Task helps you do that by using forms to collect data from the right source so you can do your job on tasks based on facts instead of guessing.
How to use Form2Task for my projects?
When you set up the form with your question boxes to collect the information you need, copy the Form2Task link you create, and start sending it out to people you want to manage the desired information. Once you start receiving the answers, you can turn them into tasks for your projects, organizing them into your workflow.
My Form2Task data is safe with GitScrum?
Yes, all the data you collect from your Form2task is safe and confidential, and only you have access from your GitScrum workspace.
There is a limit of how many Form2Task I can create for my Projects on GitScrum.
We recommend you use multiples Form2Task to base your work inside GitScrum Project Management Tool. That’s why you can create an unlimited number of Form2Task for your projects on GitScrum.