Gantt Chart

Get the project Big-Picture, define requirements, and adapt to changing quickly. A Gantt chart is a powerful graphical representation of the uniting waterfall model with the agile methodology that is too beneficial for planning and scheduling projects. They help you understand how long a project should take, determine the resources needed, and plan the tasks in order.

Great for manage complex projects
Great for manage complex projects

To complete a project successfully, you must control all activities and ensure they're completed on schedule. Gantt Chart gives you an overview of a project, its associated tasks, and when these need to be finished.

Delegate tasks and align resources without overwork GitScrum
Delegate tasks and align resources without overwork GitScrum

Gantt Charts allow you to use your resources efficiently as you need. You can easily see how and where resources are being utilized.

The Gantt chart gives live information on the project’s progress
The Gantt chart gives live information on the project’s progress

Your team will easily keep track of the project, and they will know what to come next. It’s easier to align on time and improve the team’s level of productivity.

Prioritize Collaboration and Task management

Centralize project requirements and participants and that their users are working off the same information base. Your users will be alerted to new assignments and will view a to-do list with their assigned tasks.

The best agile-waterfall hybrid model

The agile-waterfall retains the visibility and tracking system of the Waterfall while adopting agile adaptability and flexibility.

The GitScrum Gantt Chart facilitates team collaboration and doing great work.

White Label + Unlimited Users

Add unlimited users (clients and teammates) to manage your projects and track progress.

Make complex projects stress-free
Invite team members to collaborate on your GitScrum Gantt Chart, and they’ll be able to view any changes in real-time. You can upload files and make comments to discuss tasks with team members.
Greater predictability in your projects
The benefit of GitScrum Gantt Charts is allowing you and your team to see a project’s tasks quickly and who is working on each one. They also show you how tasks dependent and fit and show how long they should be.
Time Management under control
Notice the impact of project delays to improve collaboration and productivity and define how to resolve bottlenecks quickly.
When to use a Gantt Chart?
You can use Gantt charts whenever you need to plan projects for your team, assign responsibilities, and view how the tasks progress. The charts are fantastic tools for collaboration, as they are shareable among stakeholders.
Can I share my tasks with my team and require collaboration?
Yes, your team can access your Gantt Chart and discuss all tasks dependents with you.
Can I use GitScrum’s Gantt Chart for free?
You have a 7-day free trial to start creating your projects. Use Gantt Chart and more than 120 features as well.
Where can I create a Gantt Chart?
Use GitScrum to create and customize a Gantt chart that will help you finish your project on time and more simply.
What is a Gantt Chart in project management?
A Gantt Chart is a project management tool that helps you in all sizes, including complex projects. The most benefits are to simplify complex tasks and provide an overview.
How does the Gantt Chart allow time integration?
You can define the task dependencies on your Gantt chart. Dependencies allow team members to identify who is waiting for work to begin quickly.