Task Type

Use Project Templates - Task Type feature to create an objective and optimized workboard for your team.

Sort tasks visually and verbally
Sort tasks visually and verbally

Create GitScrum Task Types by names and colors, so your collaborators can immediately identify them.

Task types for your business
Task types for your business

You know your routine like nobody else, so you need the freedom to include the correct GitScrum Task Type fields in your Project Template.

Antecipate your demands
Antecipate your demands

Customize GitScrum Task Types Project Templates, including all usual demands to your team.

Create customized GitScrum Task Type Templates with GitScrum Project Management Tool and save time daily

GitScrum Task Type Templates help your team identify demands at one glance and feel committed to them.

Simple is Faster!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” said Leonardo da Vinci. And we agree with that, believing that simple but smart task templates are time savers and efficiency triggers.

At first glance, your collaborators will get an immediate understanding of their tasks, previously labeled according to your preferences. And they’ll conquer a greater sense of commitment, with the pending actions assigned to them being displayed on the GitScrum project board.

Forget about paper notes, booklets, and complex software, taking a long time and energy to learn. It would be unwise to spend more time on your team with complicated tools usage than invest it on simple yet efficient GitScrum Task Type-based Project Templates.

White Label + Unlimited Users

Add unlimited users (clients and teammates) to manage your projects and track progress.

Customize GitScrum Task Type templates
Full integration with GitScrum Time Tracking for managing your time better. Customize statuses to fit business processes.
Clear information display
GitScrum Task Type Templates help you sort and display job demands in a friendly visual way, easy to understand and to work with.
Self-explanatory orders
Use GitScrum Task Type Templates to include all the necessary information to help your team workers be autonomous learners and assistants.
How do I create Task Type Templates on GitScrum?
When you create a project with GitScrum, go to Project Settings, Project Templates (left column), and click the Task Type option. Then, add a new Template, Save it and edit it as you wish.
What can I create with Task Type Templates?
You can create task type fields based on your activity, saving time when you create a new project since you’ll have previously set your Tasks and Sub-Tasks.
How can Task Type Templates help me?
Task Type templates will help you complete your Project Template and monitor your workflow since you’ll be able to assign tasks for each team member and monitor their accomplishments.
What are Task Type Templates?
Task Type templates are customizable fields to be used on project management templates (digital documents that will work as job order forms).
Can my team also create Task Type Templates?
Yes, team members can also create Task Type templates, task custom fields, tasks, and subtasks and edit them according to the needs.
Can I Share and Repeat Task Type Templates among my projects?
Yes, you can create Task Type templates to use for all your projects, copy and edit them as you wish.