Use the best working process to keep track of your team’s productivity every week, based on an effective Agile framework. Your work efficiency and management skills will soar once you use GitScrum Sprints as your ally to work fast with consistency on projects and improve job accomplishments.

Get more work done weekly
Get more work done weekly

You can accomplish a realistic amount of work and tasks each week using GitScrum Sprints.

Keep your team motivated at work
Keep your team motivated at work

GitScrum Sprints motivate your team to accomplish the project goals naturally, challenging them to finish the deadlines shown on the burndown chart.

Obliterate procrastination
Obliterate procrastination

GitScrum Sprints make you trackable enough about deadlines for always finishing work fast with quality.

Use GitScrum Sprint for your team’s work process and improve your productivity weekly

Be successful at work and have great results thanks to the Agile framework using GitScrum Project Management Tool for your sprints to reach weekly achievable task deadlines that move you forward to achieve your project goals.

Let your tasks burndown naturally every week!

Reaching your goals is not a marathon. It’s a series of sprints.

Your teamwork process has to be “on fire” to burn down every task necessary to accomplish each project's goals.

Working with GitScrum Sprints to start and finish tasks is the right approach to do your work every week and eventually end your projects.

GitScrum Sprint is a necessary feature you have inside the GitScrum Project management tool to get more work done faster.

White Label + Unlimited Users

Add unlimited users (clients and teammates) to manage your projects and track progress.

Organize your tasks for GitScrum Sprints
All your team's daily task deadlines can communicate with your sprints so you can deliver the most significant amount of work in the shortest time possible.
Keep track of the team improvements
Once you create your sprints, all you have to do is get things done to accomplish all the sprint goals for the week.
See the current work match with your burndown
Your team competes with the burndown chart to have more fun at work to achieve all the task deadlines for the week. Then, your team is motivated to finish the jobs in advance instead of avoiding them.
What is a Sprint?
Sprint is setting the amount of work in a short period, so you complete your projects seeking to deliver more in the shortest possible time. That’s a working system you use over an Agile & Scrum framework.
What is the purpose of a sprint?
Sprint is a way to reach your project goals rapidly. You can implement a product backlog to achieve these goals. For more effective sprints, you have to set measurable and specific goals.
What happens during a sprint?
Obviously, during the sprint period, the work needs to be started and eventually done. The expected results being delivered as such in the deadline timeframe. The team should deliver the product backlog items, meeting the definition of the appropriate stakeholder (Characterized as the Scrum Master) who will give the proper review of the work setting the next stage for the project advancement.
How to set up my sprints inside GitScrum Project Management Tool?
After you create your project with your weekly tasks on the project boards, you can start from there, click the Sprint option, and make a new sprint based on the specific project you created. Set the period of the sprint, the tasks you have to work on and finish to reach the deadline.
What does Sprint mean for Agile?
Putting simply without Sprints, there is no Agile or Scrum framework working. They are at the very core of a practical Agile framework. Also, they are proven to work for teams seeking to get more things done in a short period.
What does Sprint Backlog contain?
The Sprint Backlog contains the team’s necessary tasks to accomplish each user story’s needs. It’s a task list to which the whole team is committed.