Custom Fields

GitScrum Project Management Tool has a dynamic interface with totally customizable tasks and easy data monitoring. Work confidently every day, keeping track of your work with efficiency.

Better Interaction with your work
Better Interaction with your work

When you have the power to customize your tasks on project management, they come true as you interact with them, moving them forward to the end line at ease.

More Control over your tasks
More Control over your tasks

Use essential customizable information to make daily tasks clearer and accomplish the project’s deadlines faster.

Better than sticking notes
Better than sticking notes

Add images, connect with links, use different labels. Add tasks, checklists, and everything that no physical board with sticky notes could ever do to keep you on track of your teamwork.

Create tasks customized for your work needs right now with tasks custom fields inside GitScrum Project Management Tool

Start working with the GitScrum Project Management tool and customize your tasks with custom fields to get more projects done.

Task Custom Fields you can powerfully customize tasks

A few years ago, when offices were a thing, we depended on sticky notes on physical boards and spreadsheets to manage our work and keep up with our tasks. Staring at them even makes us uncomfortable sometimes.

Those days are gone for good. With GitScrum Project Management Tool, each task is not only naturally customizable but allows you to create specific fields for each project, helping your teamwork efficiently according to specific project needs.

White Label + Unlimited Users

Add unlimited users (clients and teammates) to manage your projects and track progress.

Gather your task info in one place
Using GitScrum Task Custom Fields gives you control over all the information you need to complete each task at ease.
Labels, links, task checklist, and more
Customize each task based on priority, deadline, category and more, to know exactly what gets you closer to the end goal.
Finish your tasks with confidence
Receive feedback about your work and increase productivity thanks to proper task management and customization with GitScrum Task Custom Fields.
How do I create task custom fields inside GitScrum?
When you create a project with GitScrum, go to the board settings and click on the task custom fields option. Then, start building your task custom fields. Save them and edit them as you wish.
What can I create with Task Custom Field?
You can create templates for task custom fields for each type of project. Create task custom fields for different labels, different task progress signs, subtasks, and more.
Why are Task Custom fields necessary?
They are essential for various reasons: teams find them helpful for better organization, increase information about tasks, and prioritizing their specific needs.
What are task Custom Fields?
Task custom fields are customizable data about each task you create on your project, small texts, long texts, selectable and checkable fields. They help you manage your team’s tasks better with an interactive visual interface.
Can my team use the task custom fields I create?
Once you create your task custom fields, they will be available for you and your team to use.
Can I share Task Custom Fields among my projects?
Yes, you can create task custom fields as templates to use for all your projects.