Task Effort

GitScrum Task Effort works like an Agile Estimation Reference Stories. While estimating story points, you assign a point value to each task. GitScrum allows intelligent effort level management using revolutionizing the way you manage your tasks.

Estimation is complex. GitScrum Task Effort helps you to make decisions better.

Try an incredible tool to help product owners make decisions that affect the entire team in the best way and faster.

Velocity defines how much progress you can accomplish

Assess the size and complexity of the task and assign points that will help manage your team's effort to fulfill assignments.

The smartest way to manage your team effort

Do an estimate using a reference. You will do this for every story in your product backlog. Then, the team sits together and talks about finding out the best metric according to the objective of that project.

White Label + Unlimited Users

Add unlimited users (clients and teammates) to manage your projects and track progress.

Your weekend is like gold, don’t waste your precious time
Don't work weekends to compensate for under-estimating anymore. Make agile estimates as accurate as possible.
Collaborating with the product owner
In agile development, the product owner is tasked with prioritizing the backlog, make a reasonable estimation to give the product owner new insight into the level of effort for each work. This is a key to manage smarter.
What is the advantage of the Task Effort?
GitScrum Task Effort allows the intelligent management of your team's tasks using effort estimates and reduces the risk of overwork.
How to assign an estimated task?
When estimating new tasks, all you have to do is pick a task and assign an effort.
Can I use GitScrum’s Task Checklists for free?
You have a 7-day free trial to start creating your projects. Use Task Checklists and more than 120 features as well.
What is a task effort?
A task effort is a metric used in agile project management to estimating the difficulty of implementing a task, to measure the effort required to implement it. An effort is a number that tells the team about the difficulty level of the task. For example, the difficulty could be related to complexities, risks, and efforts involved.
Can I use GitScrum’s Task Effort for free?
You have a 7-day free trial to start creating your projects. Use Rock Star Team and more than 120 features as well.