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Our pledge to your good cause!

We understand that nonprofits struggle with several of the problems that “regular” companies have. We are here to help you too!

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What’s in stake for non-profits organizations?

From artificial intelligence improving diagnosis to digital marketing revamping the consumer experience, complex and distributed teams are getting it done. For those who do not adapt to new work arrangements, productivity and the most precious resource will be wasted: time.

Your team’s time. They are volunteers, good souls and successful in their fields, they joined you in your good cause. Your responsibility is high!

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Ways GitScrum can help you?

It doesn’t matter if you are into cleaning the environment, or helping underprivileged kids to access better education. We just want to help you keep your volunteers focused, engaged and productive. Everyone wants to help, but some drop along the way.

We know how hard it is to manage volunteers and employees, especially when they work remotely. We can help you to organize tasks, assign work to team members and track the time of your volunteers

Ways GitScrum can help you