There is a basic concept of Agile Software Development: context is very important.

Consider the context over best practice.

Context plays a particularly important role when your team considers which structures and methods to use when building the methodology of your team.

Different methods and different structures are best suited for different contexts.

When you hear such questions as “better Scrum, Kanban or XP?”, Find out the context in which a person asks a question and tell them that these choices are not mutually exclusive.

There are many aspects of a specific context that need to be considered when you decide which structure you will use as an inspiration for your team’s methodology. I’ll introduce the key choices now.


Scrum wants you to form cross functional teams that follow the prescriptions in the framework (It’s just a few), and work organized in sprints with various artifacts such as the sprint review, sprint planning, the daily stand up etc.

Kaban tells you to start with your roles/ organizational structure/ process you have, watch your work done and then change gradually.

Your choice depends of the needs/preferences of your team. It’s about if you prefer substantial change right away or have changes when you identify them and think It’s necessary.

None of them can tell you how your team develops software.