GitScrum Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart helps you get the project Big-Picture

The benefits of Gantt charts for project management are enormous for project managers to make important decisions. The project can take several weeks, months, or even years, and the tasks of the project can depend on one another. We were able to unite the waterfall model with the agile methodology.

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The best agile-waterfall hybrid model

The goal of agile-waterfall is to allow teams to define requirements and adapt to changing requirements through feedback and continuous delivery. The agile-waterfall retains the clarity and tracking system of the waterfall while adopting agile adaptability and flexibility.

Real-time progress
When a project is complex, it becomes difficult to manage and analyze the tasks. The Gantt chart facilitates team collaboration and doing great work.
Task dependencies
You should be able to define the task dependencies on your Gantt chart. Dependencies allow team members to easily identify who is waiting for work to begin.
Time Management
Managers consider scheduling tasks to be one of the main benefits of Gantt charts in a high productivity environment. Viewing the overall impact of project delays promotes stronger collaboration.