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Why go Agile & Scrum?

GitScrum is designed to put in place a system that rewards positive behavior by focusing people to work as teams. This team spirit within this positive reinforcing system is what get things done.

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The GitScrum
Agile Manifesto

1. Satisfy clients through continuous delivery of valuable products.

2. Motivate people, grant autonomy and they will do the job.

3. Changing requirements are a competitive advantage.

4. Deliver working improvements often, small or large.

5. Business and Developers must work together. Daily.

6. The most efficient communication method is face-to-face.

7. A working product is the primary measure of progress.

8. Attention to detail and technical mastery make the job easier.

9. The best products emerge from cross-functional teams.

10. Regular short meetings reinforce positive behaviors.

A few ways to help you


Do yourself a favor and just don't do it! Multitasking creates losses to context switching. It increases distraction. Do one thing at a time. If you think you are above this and can multitask, you are wrong.

Almost done is not done

If you start doing too many things, it creates endless “useless inventory” of work. Like a warehouse full of bricks are useless, a company full of half dones is useless. Do something simpler but get it done before moving on.

Team over individuals

Heroes can save the day, but they will not make you win the business marathon if their team is not effective. Focusing on teams and yield a hundred times more output than focusing on heros.

Working too hard only makes more work

We get tired. Long hours are not effective. Scale down a bit and you’ll see results.

Enough with policies & politics

Create a purpose. Issue autonomy. Create cross functional teams. Get out of their way. Watch increasing output.

The Super Power

Managers spend endless hours to hire qualified and driven individuals. This is important, but it is surprising how little effective it can be.

Individuals do not outperform each other by much more than 10 times. Teams outperform each other more than a thousand times! The self-corrective and collaborative culture that scrum creates are what drives large organizations to succeed. Ignore it and you will too fail, regardless of the quality of the individual talent. Embrace it and you will achieve much more.

Adaptation... The Next Generation

In Biology, cells are the units that get the job done.They are what make our bodies work. And they are stable systems. Structuring the rules to govern them is astonishing complicated. And what exactly makes them grow into different sizes, states and functions even harder.

Companies turn out to be very similar. They are complex and adaptive systems, working towards a common goal. But how to govern company cells (teams) into different and better states? You add energy to it, and let it find a new state of equilibrium.

What GitScrum does is to facilitate this process. Minimize the energy needed to change states. Minimizing friction by creating a culture that induces small changes seamlessly. Persevere in this process until you succeed, minimizing time and resources waste.

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