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GitScrum vs. Asana

Asana Is Not The Best Choice For Your Agile Team

If you work with Agile and Scrum, these are some points that you can consider before choosing Asana to manage your projects

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Here Is What’s Wrong With Asana For Agile Project Management. Asana is one of the most popular projects management software for businesses out there.

You can see many valuable features available for your project management workflow inside the platform.
But we understand some things are missing on Asana that appears to hurt your Agile experience.
Here are some facts about this project management software proving this point.
Asana Is Not Optimized For Your Sprints
Sprints are one of the cornerstones of successful Agile workflow to keep track of your Agile framework performance and be more productive working with your team daily, weekly, and monthly. That you can’t do with Asana
Missing Important Measurement Features
To better analyze your work with essential insights and work reports about how your team members are doing, you can improve your workflow and do better than before. Asana doesn’t allow you to do that unless you pay for their premium options.
Can be Expensive To Use More Advanced Features
Asana’s basic features are good for beginners, but for advanced users wanting to collaborate effectively as a team and increase productivity, probably the basic options are not going to work as well as they should be. Premium plans can be expensive to use with more advanced features with scary monthly fees.

The Best Alternative for Project Management Tool Made For Agile and Scrum: GitScrum

Maybe you are tired of using Asana as a project management software for your projects and your Agile workflow.
We felt the same way using all kinds of project management tools, from the most simple to the most complex and popular software out there!
Not happy with the solutions already available on the market. We created a project management tool perfect for Agile and Scrum needs. That helps you increase your team productivity.
See below what GitScrum Agile project management tool can give you to skyrocket productivity at work.
All you need for an effective sprint workout with your team
We care about you collaborating with your team working on projects that matter, doing your best with efficiency on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with your sprints.
  • Burndown to align expected results with your actual deliverability
  • Gantt Charts to be ahead of deadline timeframes
  • Complete task management options to practice a working process that fill your Agile team needs
Manage your tasks effectively including your time
GitScrum Agile Project Management Tool gives you the power of Agile productivity back, once you know exactly what you are doing and what to do.
  • Mainboard with all your projects visually organized at hand and intuitive to use
  • Kanban Board to drag and drop tasks from TODO to DONE at hand customizable
  • Time tracking already at hand so you don’t waste any second with distractions while doing each task
All the information about your team “workout” to make smart work decisions every day
Start your first team project on GitScrum, collect and measure important information about your team workflow in real-time.
GitScrum gives you control, not only about what your team is doing so they can collaborate even more working together, but how you can do it better next time so you can get better results faster.
  • Understand important data about your team workflow so you can do better next day, next week, and next month having access to the overview in each board
  • Add information and insights each time you finish time tracking your tasks with nonstop work sessions
  • Add user stories as references to understand what your customers and clients want and start working on how to deliver that with your projects
All that and more!
Skyrocket your productivity at work not your budget on a project management tool
We believe every team can work effectively and collaborate better with Agile project management every day.
From freelancers, small marketing agencies to aspiring big tech companies. We want to help you to skyrocket your productivity.
We believe you don’t have to pay expensive fees to accomplish that. That’s why GitScrum is one of the most affordable project management tools out there that you can find. But not less powerful to help you get things done with Agile and Scrum performance.
Asana charges U$13,49 per user to use the most basic option in their premium plan. For a team with 10 members that can be $1,613.88 every year.
GitScrum is way more affordable
Pay once $249 and use the GitScrum forever! Never pay monthly again for a Project Management Tool.
You also have a White Label option, so you change the GitScrum logo and domain name with yours, having even more power to customize your workplace with your brand.
Drastically cut your monthly expenses! Join GitScrum!