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GitScrum vs. Basecamp

Maybe Basecamp Is Not For You If You Work With Agile

If you work with Agile and Scrum, these are some points that you can consider before choosing Basecamp to manage your projects

GitScrum .vs Quack
Basecamp Can Fit Into Your Team Agile Culture? Basecamp is the most different alternative available among project management tools out there. We actually can say that it is less of a project management tool and a team communication app.

We value communication between team members and clients about helping you get results, agility in team collaboration, doing work that matters, and getting things done. So let's see if Basecamp got what it takes to do precisely that.
To-do lists are the primary way for task management on Basecamp
To-do lists are handy, but many people are tired of them. Checklists do not work as well to manage tasks, and it is easy to be frustrated when you don't finish the tasks for the day, making you prorogate for the day after and being furious about yourself because of that.
How about doing work with Basecamp?
The focus on Basecamp seems to be almost solely on communication between your team members, integrating a "send message" option in every board you create using the platform, which can take out your focus in being productive and deliver results that come from doing the work and not just talk about the work you do.
Can't you find measurement features to analyze performance on Basecamp?
Agile is about finding ways to get things done fast and deliver outstanding results and impact with your projects as soon as possible. If you want to keep track of how you are doing at work and your improvements with work reports, Basecamp doesn't give you more advanced options than seeing tasks that you are currently working and finished.
The Truth About Basecamp As Agile Project Management Option
It is a new experience of managing your projects on Basecamp. But we notice for Agile in your company Basecamp is incomplete.
It is a great tool to replace apps like Slack, Calendar, and Todoist in the same place. But you can miss other features to help you reach your Agile goals.
Are you curious about what actually can be the best Basecamp alternative for an Agile project management tool out there?
Meet the best Agile Project Management Tool alternative for your projects: GitScrum
We are Agile and Scrum enthusiasts.
Practicing Agile in our projects for years gives us some great insights and feedback about what works and what doesn't work in our Agile Project Management workflow.
What led us to build the perfect project management tool for teams striving to go from good to great in Agile project management.
Kanban Boards For Agile Tasks Management
To-do lists are something from the past. We put the power of organization of boards and tasks organized in columns at your hands, KanBan and ScrumBan, so you can interact with your work in a way that works best.
  • Drag and drop your tasks from TODO to DONE at ease
  • Truly simple, intuitive, and easy to use with options to see your tasks on the list view
  • Gamification elements to reward and motivate your teamwork to do the best at work
Time to communicate and time to do work that matters
We prepared the right place for discussions to talk with all the team members about important matters of projects in one place and focus on your work and what to do on the board. That way, you have more focus on what is essential for you at the right time and the right place.
  • Mind maps to brainstorm and have more control over essential ideas
  • Discussion section for all your team members share their thoughts on work and suggestions
  • Do integrations with communication apps like Slack, Discord, and Drive
  • Create user stories to do work that matters for your customers
Understand exactly how you and your team members are doing at work with key metrics
Expecting different results doing the same things, again and again, is insanity. That's why we add essential features that give you insights into how you work with your team, helping to evaluate how each member can improve their efficiency and agility at work.
  • Time tracking integrated to measure how much time you spend working on each task
  • Overview to understand how each member is doing and delivering at work
  • Gantt chart to be one step ahead of time to give your projects done before the deadline
We are adding important Agile features constantly
GitScrum is continually improving for a better user experience. We are currently working on the platform nonstop to make you and your team skyrocket your productivity even more. Today you have more than 120 productivity features at your disposal to manage your projects with confidence so you can meet important deadlines with success in delivering quality results.
Skyrocket your productivity at work, not your budget on a project management tool
Yes! We accomplish the goal of being even more affordable to use than Basecamp with all the premium features for unlimited projects and unlimited users. See the price comparison below.
While Basecamp asks you for $99/month per user for unlimited projects and teams…
That's $1,188 you can spend every year just with Basecamp. That's a significant amount of money for a project management tool, still limited in some essential features missing for Agile.
To use GitScrum with all that can offer to all your team, become more Agile.
Pay once $249 and use the GitScrum forever! Never pay monthly again for a Project Management Tool.
Plus, no additional fees to keep using GitScrum with recent and future updates. We believe you don't have to pay expensive fees to work with Agile using project management tools and collaborate with your team.
You also have a White Label option, so you change the GitScrum logo and domain name with yours, having even more power to customize your workplace with your brand.
Get rid of project management tools monthly fees forever, and join GitScrum today!
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