GitScrum vs. ClickUp

Choose The Right PM Tool, Not The Generic One

If you work with Agile and Scrum, these are some points that you can consider before choosing Clickup to manage your projects

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Unlimited Projects

Huge as your business vision, our platform allows you to include limitless projects, as long as you have new ideas to put into practice.

White Label

Your powerful marketing asset to wow your clients with a custom interface showcasing your brand in the project management tool. Replace the GitScrum logo.

Unlimited Tasks

Wide capacity to hold the most productive teams that handle multiple assignments and deliver several tasks daily. “Sky is the limit” to GitScrum users.

Future Updates

All GitScrum plans include future updates to get our latest versions with features improvements our developing team is constantly working on.

GitScrum’s been designed to replace the expensive tools

Boost productivity and make complex projects stress-free with a simple project management tool

ClickUp is marketed as the "one app to replace them all," but is it the best choice for you to practice Agile frameworks with your team?

Let's find out if that's the suitable alternative for your team's project management app to work with the Agile framework.
ClickUp is an app for general project management.
Say hello to "less is more" and "be simple" so you focus on work with efficiency and team collaboration. ClickUp seems to be proud to ignore these rules and put every option available for all types of project management methods to please everybody, which can end up pleasing no one.
Lots of Clutter in features and apps inside ClickUp
The ability to customize a workspace the way that fits your business is valuable. However, you’d be shocked at how many ClickUp features make no difference for your team’s productivity.
How Do I Even Get Started On ClickUp?
Using ClickUp, things are not as intuitive as they seem. I'm pretty sure you don't have time to learn how to use a platform for lots of hours in demos and tutorials. Use a smarter UX design tool like GitScrum and reach the goal to mark all your tasks as done ASAP.
ClickUp for Agile Project Management.
ClickUp is the perfect example of a project management app trying to do everything, but not as well as it should. A Project Management tool must be well-knit and user focused like GitScrum’s, to help you deliver excellent results in your projects.
Do I listen to "quack quack"?
We can call these apps and platforms "duck apps" or "jack of all trades apps." They try to do everything but none of them well. Choose the best alternative over the ClickUp project management tool instead.
Meet GitScrum, the suitable alternative of project management tool for Agile Project Management
Agile project management has its own set of needs for team collaboration, so you deliver outstanding results, skyrocket productivity at work, and grow as a company. To help you with that, we have built the perfect Agile Project Management Tool.
The Right Option For Agile Teams
Agile is the name of the game, and GitScrum can help you win, skyrocketing your productivity at work.
  • Sprints;
  • Gantt Charts;
  • Gamification.
All features you need for effective project management
We believe your team has to focus on what's important, that is, your work, effective collaboration, and outstanding results for customers.
  • Time tracking;
  • Mindmaps;
  • Discussions.
Simple and Intuitive
Imagine no more: start your workspace, set up your projects and tasks on GitScrum’s Agile project management tool. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons, just set up and go.
  • Scrumban boards;
  • Kanban Boards;
  • Complete task management options.
All that and more!
You may find some of our features on ClickUp, but maybe not as easily among so many useless features and confusing options.
It’s not as helpful and integrated for your Agile team goals as GitScrum’s true project management tool. One more thing …
Skyrocket your productivity at work, not your budget to a project management tool.
Now, for all that GitScrum offers specifically for your Agile workflow, the price has to be expensive, right? No!
GitScrum is affordable for all businesses and every kind of project management professionals wanting to thrive at work and boost effective team collaboration, including yours.
We want you to start the work (r)evolution as soon as possible.
Before talking about our affordable prices, that’s what you spend on ClickUp for all their features, although you won’t probably use most of them often, as we’ve said before.
ClickUp is $5 - $9/mo per user, which means if your team have just 10 members, you'll pay annually $600 - $1080 to use ClickUp.
That's a significant amount of money to use just a project management app.
GitScrum is way more affordable. Pay once $349 and use GitScrum forever! Never pay monthly again for a Project Management Tool
Plus, no additional fees to keep using GitScrum with recent and future updates. We believe you don't have to pay expensive fees to work with Agile using project management tools and collaborate with your team.
You also have a White Label option, so you change the GitScrum logo and domain name to yours, getting even more power to customize your workplace with your brand.
Get rid of project management tools monthly fees forever, and join GitScrum today!
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