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GitScrum vs. Monday.com

The best alternative to the Agile Project Management tool

If you work with Agile and Scrum, these are some points that you can consider before choosing Monday.com to manage your projects

GitScrum .vs Quack
Monday.com is becoming more popular in the project management space because of the essential features that help you manage projects.

However, based on the software's usability, we notice some faults, especially for Agile teams like you who want to be more productive.
That makes you think about a better alternative for a project management tool instead of Monday.com.
But before telling you the best alternative for Monday.com as a project management tool, you can use it to increase your team productivity.
Let's see what's missing on Monday.com.
User Interface Is Not Simple To Use On Monday.com
Not everyone will find creating tasks and customizing the boards for the team projects' needs that easy. It takes some time to get used to the interaction and experience inside the Monday.com PM tool working with tasks and mark them as finished.
Monday.com Is Not optimized for Agile
Agile is just better than anything else out there as a framework to manage your projects. Monday.com has a different kind of board available for your team management style but no one optimized for Agile.
A lot of essential features missing On Monday.com
You will miss important features like task customization, building work reports, and have control of more valuable data to keep track of your improvements from time to time. They have these tools in case you need them. But to use them and other advanced features, you have to choose to go Premium and pay per user monthly fees.
The answer for Agile on Monday.com is NO!
As you can see, Monday.com is not for every team project management style, especially if you want to set some Agile framework to manage your projects. That's why we recommend…


The #1 alternative for Agile Project Management Tool.
As project managers, we understand particular Agile needs for better collaboration to keep track of your team workflow. We identify some problems with other project management tools available, promising to help manage projects better but not delivering the results we expected.
That fact drives us to build the perfect project management tool for Agile and Scrum out there, now available to test and see for yourself that it works.
GitScrum Is Intuitive and Easy to Use
Have a more easy-going process working with your team tasks and project goals on GitScrum, whether you develop a new product idea, work on new marketing campaigns, design your creatives, and even more to reach your vision and your most ambitious goals.
  • Use Gant charts to reach essential deadliness
  • Brainstorm your best ideas with simple mind maps
  • Choose and Customize boards for specific needs in an intuitive way
Understand exactly how you and your team members are doing at work with key metrics
Expecting different results doing the same thing, again and again, is insanity. That's why we add essential features that give you insights into how you work with your team, helping you evaluate how each member can improve their efficiency and agility at work.
  • Time tracking integrated to measure how much time you spend working on each task
  • Overview to understand how each member is doing and delivering at work
  • Gantt chart to be one step ahead of time to have your projects done before the deadline
Kanban Boards For Effective And Agile Tasks Management
All your project boards with your team tasks in one organized and intuitive workspace. We put the physical boards' power with fully customizable tasks organized with sticky notes in columns at your hands but in a digital form.
  • Drag and drop your tasks from TODO to DONE at ease
  • Truly simple, intuitive, and easy to use with options to see your tasks on the list view
  • Gamification elements to reward and motivate your team
Skyrocket your productivity at work, not your costs on project management tools and software
Monday.com starts at $29 per user a month.
For a small team of just 10 members, that means $3,480 yearly to use in just project management tool fees of Monday.com.
GitScrum is way more affordable. Pay once $249 and use the GitScrum forever! Never pay monthly again for a Project Management Tool.
Plus, no additional fees to keep using GitScrum with recent and future updates. We believe you don't have to pay expensive fees to work with Agile using project management tools and collaborate with your team.
You also have a White Label option, so you change the GitScrum logo and domain name with yours, having even more power to customize your workplace with your brand.
Get rid of project management tools monthly fees forever, and join GitScrum today!
Drastically cut your monthly expenses! Join GitScrum!