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Work smarter and improve your IT efficiency

We combine the power of Git (the most commonly used version control system today) with Scrumban (= Scrum + Kanban) allowing your team to manage all their daily tasks more efficiently.

Gamify your project

IT companies that want to eliminate waste, increase performance in their daily tasks and value meritocracy among their employees; Machine Learning techniques in order to analyze project data and assist in decision making.

We provide features and information to assist non-technical managers without neglecting the requirements and needs of managers and technical teams.

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  • Increase IT team performance
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  • Scrumban for the Planning of Tasks
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Improve performance through
Meritocracy and Gamification

GitScrum collaborates to overcome the objectives with the implementation of the management model based on meritocracy, the tool transforms the project into a game and allows to measure in a transparent way the individual and team achievements. The manager can reward who has the best results.