Customer care, care for employees, human resources, life insurance, employment agency and marketing segmentation concepts. Central composition. You want to be a great manager?  Let’s look deeper into what you need.

It’s hard to be a strong leader. You have to speak your truth on a frequent basis, and that can be very challenging to do. But you can do it right.

Things to do:

  • Observation –This could be as simple as asking developers to measure how much they are slowed by parts of the code or technical debt in certain products. You need to identify and measure the technical debt in your products. Or maybe use tools to automatically measure that.
  • Orient-   An important thing: technical debt in a product undergoing a lot of change is less important that technical debt in stable products that rarely change.  Raw technical debt measures are important but it is more important to put them into a wider context.
  • Decide-  After measuring and orienting your teams, you should add technical debt stories to your product backlog or you cold schedule technical debt iterations for example.
  • ACT!   If you want to deal with technical debt in the most simplest and effective way you need to act . Make teams commit to keep the code clean through opportunistic refactoring. Once some action has been taken you can loop back to first step and keep looping.

Don’t forget: Being a manager doesn’t make you more superior. You do not have the right to treat people bad.

If you want people to really like you and not just pretending they do, you could follow some nice other steps too:

  • Be a good listener.
  • Stay positive.
  • Be confident but not egotistical.
  • Take time to know people well.
  • remember important points about people’s professional and personal lives.
  • Be sincere when you use compliments.
  •  Accept and ask for opinions and advice’s.
  • Handle criticism with tact.

What what you should NOT ask your employees do?

  •  To cancel a scheduled vacation without remuneration  If you have to change your employee’s vacation plans,you should pay him or her  at least a bonus, and not just reimburse them for expenses associated with changing their vacation dates. 
  • To follow rules and procedures that everyone thinks they’re stupid just because they exist
  • To keep their opinions and ideas to themselves Strong managers say “I want to hear your ideas!” 
  • To take the blame when something goes wrong  Strong managers take responsibility for everything that happens in their department.
  • To spy on other employees  That is just rude and unprofessional.
  • To accept a bad performance review when they deserve a good one
  • To work for hours without break  Everyone needs a break. If they are working too much I can assure you that you’re receiving quantity not quality and that’s not what you want you or he/she wants.
  •  To lie to one another
  • To lie to a customer  Nobody gets paid enough to have to tell lies on the job.
  • To keep quiet about things that need to be talked about openly Don’t silence people who have something to say.

It’s not easy to do all that. We must applaud the strong leaders we know for bringing themselves to work so authentically.